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Re: Daily Motivation

Sat, Jun 19 2021 10:21 AM (1,168 replies)
  • Ladychipper
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    Mon, Apr 26 2021 8:49 AM

    Monday, April 26, 2021

    Think before you respond

    Some of what seems to get you frustrated may not actually be what’s making you frustrated. It could just be a habit you’re continuing to follow without even reconsidering why.

    Perhaps you’re not well served by reacting the same way you’ve always reacted. Perhaps you can choose a more beneficial response.

    Step back, take a deep breath, and take a good look. Ask yourself which of the ways you’ve been responding to life are in your best interest, and which are not.

    It takes more effort to think before you respond. It also gets you much better results.

    Are there people, concepts, or situations that cause you anger, anxiety, or despair just out of habit? Maybe it’s time to progress beyond those habits.

    Use the power of your intention, driven by authentic purpose. Choose your attitudes and actions based on what works best for you now, and not necessarily on what you’ve always done.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Tue, Apr 27 2021 9:11 AM

    Tuesday, April 27, 2021

    Do what you can do

    Do what you can do. Someday you’ll be thankful for making good use of the time available to you.

    Life is not fair and a whole lot of obstacles stand in your way. Time is short and you find it difficult to get any cooperation.

    Nonetheless, do what you can do. If anything, the difficulties indicate how important it is that you go forward.

    You can’t change the all-too-arbitrary nature of reality. Yet you can make a positive difference for at least one person, and most likely many more.

    You may not receive appreciation or acknowledgement, but that’s okay. You’ll find plenty of reward in the effort and can manage just fine without the praise.

    Though it’s probably not trendy or sophisticated, do what you can do. There’s plenty of simple goodness within you that’s eager to come out.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Wed, Apr 28 2021 11:58 AM

    Wednesday, April 28, 2021

    Stick with the truth

    Your situation is the way it is no matter what you tell yourself or others about it. You can choose what to do about it, but you cannot successfully choose to alter the reality of what has already come to pass.

    Though the truth may be painful, deceiving yourself or anyone else will inevitably lead to even more pain. Truth, as difficult as it may be, provides the only starting point from which you can actually move forward.

    Deception can be very convenient, but only for about thirty seconds. After that the usefulness of deception decays quickly, taking the quality of your life along with it.

    Start with the truth and stick with the truth. Whatever its cost, whatever its pain in the short term is compensated many times over by benefit in the long run.

    No experience, no situation, no extenuating circumstance makes truth any less essential. No excuse, no clever justification will enable you to escape what is real and what is true.

    Truth obliges you to deal with reality. And that’s always a powerful, rewarding thing for you to be doing.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Thu, Apr 29 2021 7:47 AM

    Thursday, April 29, 2021

    Embrace today

    Today will give you things you need, and many of them you won’t like. Take them anyway and be thankful, because you’re sure to eventually find great use for them.

    Today will ask you to put forth some effort, make some sacrifices, and suffer a little unpleasantness. Eagerly do what’s asked of you and tomorrow you’ll thank yourself for the trouble.

    If you let it, today will build your skills and increase your strength. Today will drop challenges on top of you, and in those challenges you can find great value.

    Today is potential, promise, possibility. Today is tedious, frustrating, confusing.

    Today is precisely where you’ll find life, your life. And today is where you can add new levels of richness to life by the way you choose to live it.

    Today is not perfect, yet it is filled with everything you have and all you can be. Embrace today and all it encompasses as if it’s the most important thing you can do, because it is.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Fri, Apr 30 2021 10:45 AM

    Friday, April 30, 2021

    Thoughts and instincts

    Pay attention to your own thoughts and instincts. They come to you for good reason.

    They are the voice of your life’s experience. They remind you of what you have forgotten or never even realized you knew.

    No, your thoughts are not all knowing, your instincts are not perfect. But neither are they without meaning and value.

    Give your thoughts at least as much consideration as you give to the words and advice of others. When you find yourself telling yourself something, listen with respect and curiosity.

    Regularly give yourself sufficient solitude so you can hear yourself think. It’s amazing what will come to the surface when there’s no noise to drown it out.

    Every day of your life you’ve been building wisdom within. Be sure to let that wisdom have its say.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Sat, May 1 2021 8:37 AM

    Saturday, May 1, 2021

    Made for this moment

    You are made for this moment. Give it the best you have.

    You are made for this life. Live it the great way you know you can.

    You are meant to experience the richness of right now. Take the beauty, the pain, the disappointments and victories in stride like you know what you’re doing, because you do.

    All the things you’ve ever done have given you the wisdom, resources, and skills to live this day. Use them well.

    Remember what you care about, and why. Know you can do this, and do.

    You are made for this moment, and now it has arrived. You know what to do.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Mon, May 3 2021 8:55 AM

    Monday, May 3, 2021

    See yourself clearly

    Be strong enough to question yourself. Be honest enough to answer.

    Be humble enough to see that you’re wrong. Be confident enough to know when you’re right.

    There’s one person in your life you cannot escape. That person is you, and it’s a good idea to see yourself clearly.

    Treat yourself with respect and also with a healthy skepticism. Just because you’re you doesn’t make you infallible.

    But it doesn’t make you mistaken all the time either. Give yourself the benefit of a sober and balanced opinion of yourself.

    You don’t have all the answers, but you do have some. And that’s enough to keep you growing, learning, and moving forward through the extraordinary life you have.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Tue, May 4 2021 8:08 AM

    Tuesday, May 4, 2021

    Most valuable aspects

    Utilize your strength, and it does not get used up. It grows even stronger.

    Give love to others, and it does not diminish the love you have. It deepens and enriches that love, and results in even more love to give.

    Teach someone else what you know, and it does not take knowledge away from you. In fact it expands your knowledge and makes it more relevant.

    Offer kindness, and you end up with even more kindness. Make use of discipline, and you become even more disciplined.

    Live with integrity, and you’ll gain greater integrity. Always speak the truth, and you’ll discover even more truth.

    Seek out those things that become more plentiful each time you make use of them or offer them to others. What you’ll find are the most valuable aspects of life.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Wed, May 5 2021 12:15 PM

    Wednesday, May 5, 2021

    Off to a great start

    What can you do right now that will make the sky look more beautiful all day long? What thought, word, or action will give the afternoon more enjoyment, and make dinner more delicious?

    The experience of life does not merely come to you. A significant part of it is made by you.

    However good life may otherwise be, you can make it better. Somewhere, somehow, in some real and accessible way, you know how.

    Let yourself do it. Allow yourself and encourage yourself to improve upon your world.

    Be in love with all you love and make it your business to do something about it. The way you are right now sets the stage for what you will feel, what you will do, and how fulfilling it will all be.

    The remainder of this day, the rest of your life, it all begins right now. Get it off to a great start.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Thu, May 6 2021 7:39 AM

    Thursday, May 6, 2021

    Keep climbing

    The energy that got you into pain can also get you out. Refine your strategy and keep going.

    The efforts that led to disappointment can be transformed into efforts that bring triumph. Adjust your attitude, focus on the goal, and keep going.

    Stay connected to your intention, remember why you’re doing it, and keep going. Don’t let the difficulties dissuade you, because your best path is always forward, and you know that.

    Let every difficulty make the end result that much more valuable. Let every pain on the way make your destination that much more enjoyable.

    The hill is steep, your legs are weak. Yet as you climb they grow stronger.

    Keep climbing. Soon you’ll be admiring the view from the top and searching for the next hill to tackle.


    — Ralph Marston