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Re: Transgressional vs Wooden Tee

Wed, Jan 10 2018 5:50 PM (44 replies)
  • FarFoo
    2,841 Posts
    Fri, Jan 5 2018 5:39 AM

    do you have to be a trans gender to join here

    Proof of a distant transgender relative is good enough.


    My great, great , great , great Uncle was the first man/woman to get shipped off to Australia then shipped back again because he wrestled & ate too many crocs, This is him.

  • tomatoman63
    641 Posts
    Fri, Jan 5 2018 11:08 AM

    jeez boss its like looking into a mirror......are we related ?

  • wasagojii
    1,342 Posts
    Sun, Jan 7 2018 2:00 AM

    wasagojii defeated kersh1976 in a 18 hole match play game on CHAMBERS BAY.

    Congratulations to Dave for the good game and for the good time spent together..


  • kersh1976
    2,790 Posts
    Sun, Jan 7 2018 3:19 AM

    Thanks for the game Mic. It was close for about 11 holes then you played some great shots to go 3 up. It nearly went to the last hole but I couldn't make the putt on 17.


    Thanks for the Match guys. Great CC packed full of quality players.

  • FarFoo
    2,841 Posts
    Wed, Jan 10 2018 5:50 PM

    Yeah great match guys, we had a few hick-ups at the end but most things ran smooth amongst a lot of good people & great players.

    Some very tight matches tended to go our way this time around, thats how it goes, but well done & respect to all.. was a good fun Xmas cc challenge.

    Extra thanks to Dave(Kersh1976) for helping make this happen & run smooth.. I knew it would work as soon as he told me he was a fellow Yorkshireman.