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Re: Sand, Chips and Pitches

Fri, Dec 12 2008 11:20 AM (2 replies)
  • Snaike
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    Thu, Dec 11 2008 10:55 AM

     Ok, I love the game.  It's a great fix for my winter golf blues.  I am (I think) getting a good handle on the intricacies of the game dynamics... but somethings have flummoxed me.

    Sand shots.  If I were on my regular course and hit my approach into the sand, I would open my stance and swing twice as hard as I think I should, just to get out and on.  Here, in the sand, I am presented with a yardage parameter that in no way reflects what the sand wedge is capable of when I swing.  I cannot guage relative distance with the sand wedge, between lie (buried) and distance.  I am either moving the ball 2 inches or completely flying the green... ./shudder.

    Come to think of it, the chips and pitches are basically the same.  The yardage given for those shots is not indicative of how far I can expect them to go.

    Have I missed something?  Does anyone have a tip or two on these types of shots that will allow me to do well in this arena?

    I played my first ranked game today, and if you don't count the 3 holes that I had to use a chip/pitch/sand, I was under par.  Therefore, I can recognize that this is my Achilles' Heel for WGT.

    Thank you so much for your attention... and thank you developers for keeping my golf-blood flowing.


  • Costain
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    Thu, Dec 11 2008 4:43 PM

     The sand shots are hit with beginner clubs. You get a specific amount of yards to hit the shot. At the bottom left hand corner you can click on where it says " full " or "chip" etc, and change it to what you want it. One thing you have to learn is how far it will normally come out of sand. If you are in the middle of the bunker then most of the time its just a few yards further than the light rough. If you are on the edge of the bunker, the only way to move the ball is  with a wedge, that's why a 3-iron goes 2 feet. As far as chipping goes. If you are 13 yards away and hit your PW which says 13 yards. Then it's going to FLY 13 yards, and roll accordingly. The proper shot to hit from 13 yards on a flat surface i believe is a full AW which will normally roll 5 yards. Just mess around with the clubs, and different types of shots until you get used to what they normally do. Then you will start shooting consistently under par.

  • Snaike
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    Fri, Dec 12 2008 11:20 AM

     Thank you for the reply.

    I am afraid it did more harm than good, though.  Yesterday I had a couple rounds under par.  Today, I couldn't buy a birdie. 

    Every shot except Tee and Fairway was crap.  I guess I just have to play the practice more and more...  there goes the ranking!  =)

    Thank you again for your help!