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Re: Adobe Flash Death, any plans for the future WGT?

Fri, Sep 25 2020 2:54 AM (72 replies)
  • ScottHope
    6,911 Posts
    Wed, Jul 15 2020 11:09 AM

    I researched  bluemaxima and that option and from what I gather Unfortunately it wont work with WGT as  the "Flash" version here in WGT it stand alone? And what bluemaxima is offering is a way to play and store a flash game to your hard drive(No internet needed to play) You need to be able to access WGT  through a browser? But I will leave it to maybe Scott to explain better...Maybe and hopefully I am wrong....    JD

    I don't know JD, is the honest answer. I wish for all the devotees of the flash game that it would work, but I have my doubts.

  • BrachttalGoffer
    190 Posts
    Sun, Sep 13 2020 4:33 AM

    I had the same problem Mel so I downloaded Flash and installed it again - it worked. But nobody tells us what to do in December when Flash is finished.


  • BrachttalGoffer
    190 Posts
    Fri, Sep 25 2020 2:54 AM

    Now it has happened again and I cannot login to wgt. That is now finish for me.