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Re: Hole#2 in Amateur Tier

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Thu, Dec 11 2008 11:37 PM (9 replies)
  • Abak
    62 Posts
    Wed, Dec 3 2008 2:21 AM

     First shot is crucial! If I hit the ball more than 270yrd from the pin I cannot get to the 3rd fairway on my 2nd shot. I have whether to play a safe 2nd shot (iron) or to risk a "lost ball" with my 3W. Do you have the same issue? And what are you doing?


  • Abak
    62 Posts
    Wed, Dec 3 2008 2:46 AM

     Well! I saw the analysis of Iconian and this make me feel better. This hole is getting harder in Amateur...

    Thanks Iconian


  • Costain
    28 Posts
    Wed, Dec 3 2008 12:42 PM

     The only possible solution is if you have wind at your back. Put the green dot all the way down, or down a little bit and let the wind carry it to within 269 yards or less. Then you can hit a 3 wood over no problem. I, most of the time, hit a 160 yard club just before the ditch, and then from around 138 into the wind i hit my 150 club to left of the hole for one of my favorite putts. It's just all about finding what works better for you. And trying to get to that yardage. Hope this helps!

  • Fuzzygazz
    1,467 Posts
    Thu, Dec 4 2008 3:11 AM


    I use 275 yds as my cut off point.I've cleared  279 occasionally depending on wind for my  longest shot. I always aim for the middle of the fairway so if im short I may hit the bridge, as seen in the pic below..   

  • Abak
    62 Posts
    Thu, Dec 4 2008 4:18 AM


    It s quite crazy to think of hitting the bridge in real golf!:)

    Thanks for the cut off tip, I will use it

  • Abak
    62 Posts
    Thu, Dec 4 2008 9:37 AM

     I found an interesting tip for this hole, you should aim the right side of the pin, it is easier to birdie from 20ft in the right than 5-8ft from top left!

  • Fakaro
    7 Posts
    Thu, Dec 4 2008 5:09 PM

    How exactly are you guys hitting your drive this far? The LONGEST I've ever had was around 240 yards.

  • Fuzzygazz
    1,467 Posts
    Thu, Dec 4 2008 6:10 PM

    Most amateurs hit it around there more less a few yds.. 

  • dmaxou812
    1 Posts
    Thu, Dec 4 2008 7:37 PM

     Its not how long ur drive is, its how far from the pen, that u are, after the drive. I use 277 as a cutoff.

  • iconian
    598 Posts
    Thu, Dec 11 2008 11:37 PM

     here is the rule tibbets and i use:

    u dont care how much to the whole after 1st drive. it's not important. here is what is important.

    how much your 1st shor on #2 (drive carried) before it fell/rolled) when you use max backspin

    it can be 195-225

    anything 215+ u can get to 3rd green from 280 (there are rare exceptions though)

    anything 205 below, u can get from 270 over... so it tells u exactly why u fail often times:)


    before, i had 195 carry and 270 to the hole. doesnt matter, u aint getting over