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Mon, Dec 28 2020 12:17 AM (24 replies)
  • tennentssuper
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    Fri, Aug 18 2017 8:18 AM


    When considering future actions by WGT, a person should always factor in "unrealistic." :-)



    In real life golf balls are sold in sleeves. Wgt is a virtual golfing experience, not a golf videogame.

  • Timduhda
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    Sat, Aug 19 2017 11:57 AM

    I personally like the idea Johan has proposed. WGT makes money and lesser players stay interested. Johan lives for this game and studies most aspects of it.  BTW he REALLY needs the free upgraded balls...

  • Falang
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    Wed, Sep 13 2017 8:44 PM

    Lethal balls have been in my bag since level 10 or so now I'm level 101 and WGT drops them, also lost 1-2 balls from my bag. I cannot find a similar priced ball that reacts as the Lethal did on flop shots. Its time for me to use up existing credits, then find another online golf game, enough is enough.

    So to WGT it has been fun but I'm not as hooked as I thought, adios.

  • SidersBest
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    Thu, Sep 14 2017 9:10 AM


    I know you don't know me, however just consider me as your new best friend. And whether you believe it or not, I'm looking out for your best interest.

    Here what I suggest you do. Sell all you equipment A.S.A.P. convert your credits into sleeves of balls gifted to me. Whether the ball are the 800 credit ball or the 10 credit balls it doesn't matter.

    I'm like my profile picture "YOGI BEAR", and WGT is my Jelly Stone Park where I can enjoy another picnic basket. If you're willing to share, I'm willing to enjoy. And as you new BBF, I hope you can be happy some where else. So don't be hooked or crooked, just leave me some goodies before you go.

    Siders Best

  • AlexBorgesjr
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    Mon, Dec 28 2020 12:17 AM

    Here's another way they get you you are in the middle of a game, and you like the ball your using but not in love with it and on the 11th hole it flashes your ball has 1 more hit and you are forced to buy 3 instead of 1 to finish the game, or at least let you change to the balls of your choice, or if you have a bunch of balls , like most of us have orfan balls yes balls just 1, the game should go straight to your stock and select the most expensive ball you all ready own and let you use that one, instead of starter ball, I have a lot of friends who have gone to starter balls and there playing great, wgt will always have to have free balls, there hook is you can play for free.