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Re: I have a question

Wed, Jul 30 2014 2:48 PM (68 replies)
  • TW1432
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    Wed, Aug 12 2009 1:42 PM

    Can anyone tell me how to post a scorecard for my blog and forum posts?


  • Faterson
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    Wed, Aug 12 2009 2:30 PM

    How to Post Your Scorecard, in Seven Steps

    1. Make a screenshot of your scorecard by pressing the PrtSc key on your keyboard.* 
    2. Open a graphics program such as Paint, then press CTRL+V. This will paste the screenshot you've just made into the empty program window.
    3. Draw a rectangle with your mouse so that only your scorecard is within the rectangle.
    4. Select the menu item Edit -> Copy To..., enter a name for your scorecard and save it somewhere on your computer.
    5. Visit the webpage and press the  button.
    6. Locate the saved scorecard on your computer and press the  button. Then press the  button. The software will generate the scorecard's Internet address for you in the Direct Link for Layouts field. Copy this address via CTRL+C.
    7. Here on, as you compose your forum or blog post, press the green Insert Media button   on the toolbar. The Insert Media mini-window will pop up for you: Enter (via CTRL+V) your scorecard's Internet address in the Media URL field, then press the Insert button. Done! The picture of your scorecard is inserted in your forum post / blog post / wall post.

      PS: You may wish to change the default width figure from 550 to 450, so that the entire width of your scorecard fits into your forum post.

    (This is an alternative version of a previous tutorial, How to Insert Quotations, Links and Smilies Into Forum Posts; Coloring, Decreasing & Enlarging Your Fonts.)

    Note: The Browse... button in WGT's Insert Media mini-window, pictured above, is currently broken and does nothing after you press it. Once WGT fixes this Browse... button, you'll be able to leave out steps 5 and 6 from the above tutorial, and you'll be able to insert the screenshot of your scorecard directly from where you saved it on your computer. (It will no longer be necessary to publish your scorecard on the Internet first.)

    * Users who have laptops with a blue FUNCTION (Fn) key where Print Screen or Prt Sc is written in blue, will need to hold down the Fn key while they press the Print Screen button.

  • MyNadsItch
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    Thu, Aug 13 2009 11:31 AM
  • Faterson
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    Thu, Aug 13 2009 11:37 AM

    That's a good start! But then it's a good idea to cut away anything surrounding the scorecard, and then press the green Insert Media button   on the toolbar in the editor window. Then insert the address from the Direct Link for Layouts field & press the Insert button. Voilà:


    And we might cut it even further:


    (It's also good to change the default picture width from 550 to 450 pixels so that all of your scorecard gets displayed right here in your forum post.)

  • sealseal
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    Thu, Aug 13 2009 1:44 PM

    Darn, I should've read this thread before i had a good round so I could've kept the scorecard.


  • WhiteTee
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    Wed, Aug 19 2009 10:12 AM

  • WhiteTee
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    Wed, Aug 19 2009 10:13 AM

  • Faterson
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    Wed, Aug 19 2009 10:21 AM

    The second was a perfect fit, congratulations.  

  • nivlac
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    Wed, Aug 19 2009 12:39 PM

    Can we get this thread stickied and renamed to 'How to Post a Screenshot'?

  • Faterson
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    Wed, Aug 19 2009 12:51 PM

    "How to Post Your Scorecard" would be my suggestion.

    I've noticed another bug in this forum, namely, when someone replies to a thread and re-writes the Subject of his/her reply, this sometimes actually re-names the entire thread in the threads overview.    This has in the past resulted in several inappropriate renamings of threads. But, I'll try to use the bug to our advantage right now, and am titling this reply, "How to Post Your Scorecard". Let's see if that renames the whole thread!  

    Edit: Nope, doesn't happen. The bug works when you don't want it to work, & doesn't work when you need it!    If TW1432 is listening in, he can rename his original post & that will do it.

    2nd Edit: Thanks to whoever renamed & pinned the thread.