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Thu, May 12 2016 11:42 AM (12 replies)
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  • donsprintr
    2,063 Posts
    Sat, May 7 2016 12:06 PM

    No, there's a real John Daly bobblehead ... I saw John thumping the head on one of them on tele ... probably have to get it from the store on his site.

    11 days Lily, he was born April 28, 1966 ... :-)

  • WigerToods2010
    8,020 Posts
    Thu, May 12 2016 8:38 AM

    Used to love watching the big fella. Newsworthy both on and off the fairways.

    Every year we see his tour bus parked in the car park of Hooters restaurant close to the Augusta National during Masters week. He is there selling signed T-shirts and other memorabilia.

    It feels a shoddy way for someone of such talent to be earning a living, especially given the way he provided golf with some of its most extraordinary moments.

    And Daly will not lack for support as he joins the 'old guys' circuit - Bernhard Langer has already acknowledged Daly is "a huge draw".

    "Deep down, he's a wonderful guy," said the 58-year-old German, who has won 26 senior events. "He's going to love this tour."

    ^^^ Taken from an article over @ the BBC Sport website >>>

  • ct690911
    6,338 Posts
    Thu, May 12 2016 11:42 AM

    "Deep down, he's a wonderful guy," ...

    Deep down, aren't we all?

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