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Re: are wind variables the same?

Mon, Aug 29 2022 5:50 PM (32 replies)
  • siggipj76
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    Fri, Jan 1 2016 8:38 PM


    no one cheats in this game, its impossible (unless they opened up an account prior to 2009 when "auto dinger" was available). I've looked into this accord and there are no software programs on the market to do so.

    You are kidding right?!

    He clearly does not hang out at S. American cafes too much.


  • johnrg
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    Sun, Jan 3 2016 1:24 PM


    Some slip through the cracks, like the ones that have multi accounts.  I know of 1 right now that has 3.

    Have you informed WGT, they will check and they will delete 2 but unfortunately not all three.

  • bobcat1956
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    Mon, Aug 29 2022 5:50 PM


    I dont care what anyone thinks, but wind direction and strength should be the same for all in a ready go tourny... Just makes it fair. Not trying to complain, but rather make the case. Cheers all. Your friend and mine, K.

    I agree it would be more fair, but life isn't fair. This is the most realistic gold game I know. In real life winds change direction dramatically in many locations based on the time of day. A player in the morning often has different winds than a player in the afternoon, strength and direction.

    What I'd like to know, if you don't mind me asking, does 20 mph headwind smack players the same for all tiers, or are lower tier players handled more gently?