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Re: to al wgt players

Fri, Sep 11 2015 1:42 PM (32 replies)
  • kensabre10
    2,105 Posts
    Wed, Aug 26 2015 2:42 PM

    I have ie 11 and a brand new dell. this crappy site freezes more now than ever. metering seems to have lessened but the freeze happens almost every game. my geeks tell me its their signal output. thus, many players many glitches. they could expand their output BUT it would cost dough, so! keep buying new virtual equipment! wouldn't be a problem except it costs tourneys and balls!

  • wwcc
    8 Posts
    Fri, Sep 11 2015 12:55 PM


    Hi. Perhaps someone out there can help me.  ( I am not very good re computers ) 

    I use google chrome for general use, internet searches etc and for playing Royal / King games.  

    I used to use Maxthon 3 for WGT only.

    Some time ago while on wgt with maxthon in use I received a message on screen to update to a New version of Maxthon. so I clicked on it. The result was WGT would load, but only as far as the home page and was a spinner showing 100% loaded , but kept on spinning, I couldnt log on to play. So I Uninstalled  that version, and re tried  to reinstall old version but still got same result.

    I had to install Commodo Dragon which loaded and allowed me to play WGT.

    I  completely Uninstalled Maxthon, and have tried many times to reInstall and use it, all goes well till the same point, as above 100% and spinner running, no chance to log on and play.  I have also tried with other browsers but same result....

    I would like to get my WGT game back on Maxthon,  So  How do I do it Please.

    \=/ cheers




  • mnshiner
    1,382 Posts
    Fri, Sep 11 2015 1:42 PM

    I have posted this many times but here it goes again:


    You have to update the Flash player manually when using Maxthon

    Here's How:
    Update Flash Player first
    Then go to My Computer, your hard drive
    Under Windows find the file SysWOW64 click it
    Find the file Macromed click it and the file Flash
    Copy the latest file which is now NPSWF32
    Now you have to go into your program files and find the Maxthon program
    Click on it, then click Core,
    then Webkit,
    then Npplugins
    Paste the copied dll file and delete the old one