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Re: Edgewood-Tahoe?

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Sun, Jul 5 2009 10:23 AM (23 replies)
  • ChristopherRouss
    133 Posts
    Sat, Jul 4 2009 6:05 AM

    Hey Fuzzy....  have you won a stroke play?  Have you?  If you have good for you, but sweeps... straight up....  I don't play any of those for the prizes....  I mean it would be great if I did win but I don't expect to.....  I play to try to get better.....  So if I play a closest to the pin and post a 400+....  whether I could win with that score or not I will try the next time to get it under 300.... and so on.  Same with Stroke play.  I didn't qualify for the USOPEN final, but I tried my best to get my score down.....  It was hard....  lowest I ever got was a 74.....  but that's a lot better than my first attempt of 84. 

  • Keeper
    2 Posts
    Sun, Jul 5 2009 7:18 AM

    I, too, in the past have been overjoyed with the news of a new course only to be let down by "closest to the hole" challenges.  This is a shame and I sincerely hope to see more courses on the game for stroke play.  Edgewood is an awesome place and I wish that I could play a real round on their.  We don't necessarily want a bunch of big names courses, we just want courses that we can play and courses that have some natural beauty like the Ocean Course and Edgewood.  Yeah, we'd like the occasional Bethpage, but we don't want it all the time.  Thanks for at least considering what myself and everyone says with their suggestions.  I know it's tough to run these games.

  • Andyman05
    4 Posts
    Sun, Jul 5 2009 10:14 AM

    i wish they would also make wolf creek a stroke play and let u pick the place for multiplayer but i know they cant do everything and i respect that i just love how they this awsome game

  • donal190472
    3 Posts
    Sun, Jul 5 2009 10:23 AM

    Not many world class courses over here in Northern Ireland, but what about Royal County Down.

    Stunning views of the Irish Sea and Mountains of Mourne.