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Re: Am I The Worst "Pro"?

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Wed, Jun 17 2009 10:00 AM (1 replies)
  • Lance999
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    Wed, Jun 17 2009 8:04 AM

    I only signed up to WGT a few weeks ago but found it quite compelling.  I started as a Hack like everyone and seem to get the hang of the game, although I'm a terrible putter.  In fact I don't think I am that good at all, but I still enjoy it.

    However, since the tiers changed and I was forced into being a pro, my scores have increased dramatically, and at BPB I am doing well if I break 25 over.

    I am still a "Pro" with an average of around 90.  Is this right?  And do the tiers retrigger if my scores remain so bad and increase owing to the new tier?  I totally missed out on being an amateur! 

    This has spoilt it for me to be honest, although I continue to play.



  • scoresby
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    Wed, Jun 17 2009 10:00 AM

    Worst Pro?  Since the upgrade, a lot of us have been the worst Pro.

    It happened to many of us.  I took it hard at first , thinking  I was playing out of my league.  When I found out there was no possibility of reversal, at least to amateur, I realized I was going to have to live up to the challenge given and play to Pro standards. 

    Gonna have to someday anyway.

    Not there yet, but getting close.

    Give it a go.