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Re: Advancing to a new tier

Thu, Nov 18 2021 9:29 PM (183 replies)
  • Duphpherer
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    Wed, Nov 10 2021 10:43 AM


    I've never seen my average score change regardless of who I play. Is it because I have not established a recent average score? My 79 was back when I was tour pro. I have not recorded a ranked game since becoming Master and then Tour Master. 

    I believe you achieve ranked rounds to get an average. HTH and par3's, par5's, and Custom courses do not qualify.

    Your CC is the best place to play friendly games on courses with ranked rounds. At least there you can make a round on a course of your choosing!

    Thank you DFMG!  Enjoying the game, but I've learned not to get too intense. Eventually that leads to burn out. Keeping it fun is what it is all about. The heads up competition makes it addictive. 


  • SamSpayed
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    Wed, Nov 10 2021 11:35 AM


    For the first few tiers we have specific levels that will push the player to the next tier. This way their aren't any level 90 Hack players or anything like that. 

    These are the level-based tier promotions:

    • When you reach Level 20, you are promoted from Hack to Amateur.
    • When you reach Level 30, you are promoted from Amateur to Pro.
    • When you reach Level 50, you are promoted from Pro to Tour Pro.

    Beyond that, there are no level-based promotions.

  • Ka9shk
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    Thu, Nov 18 2021 12:19 PM

    are country club created tournaments also counted as RR ?

  • alosso
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    Thu, Nov 18 2021 9:29 PM

    are country club created tournaments also counted as RR ?

    Yes they are. Regarding "counting for average", see the post on top of this page.