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Tournament payouts

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Wed, May 6 2009 5:14 PM (0 replies)
  • walka
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    Wed, May 6 2009 5:14 PM

    As a new member I have a question on the tournament payouts. I have been studying the entry fees and payouts and some things don’t make a lot of sense.

    1) you want a 200 credit “entry fee” for a chance to win a part of a 10,000 credit purse that’s a 2% entry fee. Compare that to real golf ie the masters you would have to pay an entry fee to play in the masters of $115,000. Total purse of 5.75 mil.

    2) looking at the payout schedule only the top 13 players will earn more credits than it costs to enter the tournament. The last place finish at the masters won $170,000. Even if he would have had to pay 115,000 to enter he would have won more than he paid to play.

    I understand that real tournaments have cuts and so on, but looking at this logically more than the top 13 players should be able to have a positive credit situation at the end of the tournament. If we are going to give the top 70 players a payout at least 75% of the should have made credits . With the current system only 18.57% of the “winners” really win anything…..the rest just loose less.

    Just a thought