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My Suggestions

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Thu, Apr 16 2009 3:30 AM (0 replies)
  • AlvinStraight
    1 Posts
    Thu, Apr 16 2009 3:30 AM

    hi golfers

    First of all, I like this game and it make a lot of fun, BUT:

    1.Please edit this swing meter

    1st: it lags sometimes
    2nd: it is too difficult to hit the perfect

    Sometimes, it's annoying, you hit two pixel before PERFECT and nothing happens, so as you hit it perfect. But sometimes, the ball flys extremly far to the left/right.
    HHm? What?... I know the wind is blowing. But it happens with 1 mph wind too.

    Please wide this Perfectbar. I think many people have more fun.

    2. The wind(sometimes)

    The example:

    - 140 yards to the hole
    - ball is on fairway
    - 5 mph wind from the right
    - you aim a little more right
    - you hit perfect(without spin)
    - and the ball goes to immediatly to the left

    sorry but it seems like the wind catches the ball directly after the hit.

    3. Make some fun tournaments

    - Farest from the hole
    - Pin hitter contests
    - tournaments with extremly wind (over 15Mph)

    Thanks and sorry for my english =)