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Re: Ball Control

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Mon, Apr 13 2009 9:43 AM (5 replies)
  • Horseman63
    4 Posts
    Wed, Apr 8 2009 7:19 PM

     I have tried to control the ball with backspin, ball stop, ect. It doesnt seem to work or maybe just me but I know on other games you can really get alot of control on the ball by dropping, or raising  the dot on the ball. Is this going to be fixed in the future or is it going to remain like this?

  • AvatarLee
    1,644 Posts
    Thu, Apr 9 2009 5:26 AM

    The current club sets have low spin attributes, so while spin does exist, and does have an effect on the physics of the shot, there is still not enough to pull the ball back unless you hit a major upslope when it lands.  You'll have to stay tuned for better club releases in the Pro Shop.

    In the mean time, have fun and learn the course!

  • drivnchaos
    286 Posts
    Sat, Apr 11 2009 10:44 AM

     Upgraded to the new wedges and while they don't bring the ball back to you, they do have more stopping power on the green.

    Well worth the 2 bucks if you ask me.

    Enjoy your play


  • jeffdos924
    1,076 Posts
    Sat, Apr 11 2009 10:52 PM

      I don't think the lack of spin is a result of the clubs as much as the last update. The greens just play a lot firmer then they they used to... end result being that we have more roll. More challenging than just throwing darts like we were before.

  • Nikullis
    8 Posts
    Mon, Apr 13 2009 9:12 AM

    Forget pulling the ball back, unless you have a PW or higher in your hand the ball won't even stop. Unless the landing is a down slope you can very easily stick a 5 iron or higher. Im not talking pull back, but on some Par 3's there is no stopping the ball whatsoever. Ie. Hitting a 6iron full and perfect the ball rolls significantly. Take out your Hybrid wood with some back spin and the ball stops considerably quicker. CONSISTANCY isn't too much to ask.

  • ShaunMcClarty
    270 Posts
    Mon, Apr 13 2009 9:43 AM

    It depends where you land the ball too. Irons landing on the green stop better then hybrids. But if you land on the edge of the fringe or 1st cut, it takes all the spin off the ball and thats why it goes shooting accross the green. Just like how it really would