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Re: Wolf Creek #3 - Tips

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Mon, Mar 30 2009 8:37 PM (2 replies)
  • Weirsy
    84 Posts
    Sat, Mar 28 2009 6:53 PM

    With wind - Topspin 3 hybrid otherwise little off 3 wood. Right of pin will break to pin if you get to top shelf

  • jspatch
    24 Posts
    Sat, Mar 28 2009 8:05 PM

     I just realized I put 'yards' in my other posts... of course I mean 'feet'.

    I keep getting near the top of the shelf and then roll back 10 feet.  I took the 3 wood (205), tried to take a little off it and this time went over the pin... but only by 13.5 feet but I tapped the fringe so there's a 5ft penalty... still much, much, better than trying to roll it up with the 3 iron.

    2nd try - had 3mph wind at my back, tood 3 iron with top spin and came up 40 feet short BUT i had hit it a little to the right of center.

  • Fuzzygazz
    1,467 Posts
    Mon, Mar 30 2009 8:37 PM


    my fav hole ..not too hard..if wind is more then cross or in your face use driver other wise 190 club. take a little off driver for 4-5 mph like 2 clicks..if 190 and 3 mph do about 188..adjust left or right for wind