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Re: using driver on skill challenge

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Wed, Mar 18 2009 3:45 PM (2 replies)
  • azshawn71
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    Wed, Mar 11 2009 5:03 PM

    Ok, so I have a 220yd shot to the hole and when I use my 3W...I don't reach it. When I use my driver...I top it and leave myself way short. I'm pretty new to this so any clues on how to reach the green?

  • PebbleChamp
    2 Posts
    Wed, Mar 18 2009 3:36 PM

    I was wondering the exact same thing... anyone have any ideas?  I keep getting lie penalties every time because I can't even make it to the green.

  • jbowles824
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    Wed, Mar 18 2009 3:45 PM


    If the lie is not bad, I use the 3 wood and move the dot from the center up a little. The ball will not fly as high in the air but you can get more roll. The roll will also depend on where it lands and what is between the ball and the pin. You will also have to take into account of course which way the wind is blowing and how much.

    I have even used this when I have used my driver trying to improve my rank. On certain holes I can end up at about 235-237 from the tee using the beta driver which is all I have at this point.

    I have used this with certain irons depending on the shot I need to hit.