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Re: Time for new clubs and 18 holes

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Thu, Feb 26 2009 4:32 PM (5 replies)
  • JasonDurham
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    Wed, Feb 25 2009 5:13 PM

     Why is it taking so long to come up with new clubs and 18 holes????

    Iv seen post saying it would be next year for the new clubs and that was back in OCT of last year! 

    I understand this is a beta program but you would think you would throw this stuff out there now for testing and not later!!!

  • mosherkl
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    Wed, Feb 25 2009 7:59 PM

     As much as I enjoy playing amature tees (read:  frustrating as hell to break par half the time), I agree here. I recall seeing some posts from early january saying that new clubs and additional holes were coming in the next few weeks. Well, it's been a few weeks and nothing yet.

    While I think this is a phenomenal game and do enjoy the challenge very much, my impression is that there is a TON of secrecy behind the product and timeframes for features being added. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but beta testing usually involves the full featured product so that any bugs with all the features can be ironed out. We've been told additional clubs, the back nine holes, and another whole course are coming, but no timeframe has been given other than "few weeks" which was almost 10 weeks ago.

  • tibbets
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    Wed, Feb 25 2009 8:43 PM

     I also have to agree here.  Check out any major game in testing, and what you'll find is a public release date, with plenty of previews of the full release.  Setting these dates publically is good because 1. It gives the players something definitive to look forward to, and 2.  Puts the company releasing the product on a schedule with an accountable deadline.

    I'm not saying that WGT doesn't have some internal timeframe that it's working by, but the trend at WGT is to kind of lag behind what its claims are for releasing product.  You'll recall that last spring it was announced that this Beta version would be released in the 'early summer', then that was moved to 'summer', then 'late summer', only to finally have it be released in October.  We have seen this trend continue here as stated above, with an email that declared new changes 'in the coming weeks' back in the first week of January.  In 4 days it will be March, and I think that falls outside the realm of what most would consider 'coming weeks'.  If there has been a delay, tell us.  We'll understand.  What we don't understand is complete silence and lack of response.

    There has been far too little public WGT involvement in this Beta version.  We are told 'new clubs' and 'new tiers', but there is no explanation or demonstration for how they will be different.  We are told a back 9 is coming, but no glimpse of what the holes will look like.  The instructional videos only just came out, and they are incomplete as to how to use all the shots etc.  It's no wonder that many newcomers are quite discouraged and turn away from the game.  I watched a video with the CEO of WGT who talked at great length about how the game would involve micro-purchases, yet you won't see any mention of such a thing anywhere on this site.

     With a more involved presence, you become more proactive towards the issues, questions etc. that seem to be recycling week in and out.  The forum is filled with mostly the same posts over and over again.  These questions should never have to be asked, as the answers to most of them should be provided to the user before they even hit one shot, in a clearly marked place on the main page, perhaps even with a live chat representative.  Might seem like alot of maintenance, but in the long run its alot easier and less annoying than reading the same forum posts over and over.

    I understand that there is alot to manage and administrate with the game, but that's the undertaking that you folks at WGT have brought on yourself with such a large scale project.  The reality is that you will be held accountable by the public for how you respond to what you present, and if that response is not engaging and/or thorough enough, you will lose respectability and credibility and ulitimately lose patrons as well.

    Here's to seeing those new holes in March!  We're ready!


  • TitleistPro
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    Thu, Feb 26 2009 7:20 AM

    Interesting posts.

    While I might be considered a newbie, only having been on here for a few months.  I would be very interested in knowing what and when things are planned on being rolled out.

    Even our government (lol I know I know) is starting a process of transparency.  Albeit slow in the coming, if they can begin this type of accountability.  Of which, I am still waiting to see it actually happen consistently.  It would be nice to see this community backed Beta game (again, of which I truly enjoy) follow along with this type of open communication with us.


    Thank you again, for allowing us to offer our ideas and suggestions.  Also, with the quality of the game to date.


    God Bless you All, 


  • JasonDurham
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    Thu, Feb 26 2009 2:37 PM

     Point being is WGT is not holding true to what is being posted by there own people.

    It's crazy to have a game this popular and still nothing for players reaching new levels and the same 9 holes over and over, you will lose your customer base this way but I really think there is a huge lazy streak in the programing dept.

  • WGTalex
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    Thu, Feb 26 2009 4:32 PM

    Thanks for all your thoughts and honesty. We try to be as open as possible with our plans while balancing it against realistic timelines and expectations, and we do appreciate your patience and feedback. When we saw this post we were just polishing up a pre-announcement of a major release next week that will include things like new drivers and physics tune-ups (and from the sound of this post, just in time). We definitely want to be better about setting your expectations, and will continue to build processes and systems that will make this happen, but it won't happen tomorrow. We are still in the early stages of beta and we're trying to build big features, as quickly as we can.

    The pre-announcement forum post & blog are going up in the next hour or so! :)