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MAX Slow Meter Balls (Pro+)

MAX Slow Meter Ball (Pro+)
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3 Pack of MAX Slow Meter Balls

MAX offers maximum performance in one key area. These new MAX Slow Meter Balls offer good overall distance and spin, but with the maximum amount of Feel, which slows down the WGT Swing Meter and makes all your clubs easier to hit.

Player Reviews

Thursday, 20 Jun 2019

Love this ball with the slow meter speed it helps me putting
Thursday, 29 Mar 2018

Having Parkinsons and no reflexes, this ball with the slower meter speed has got me to the Level of Legend. They are expensive but well worth the money.They just need a little more distance and spin and they would be the perfect ball.
Sunday, 13 Aug 2017

very smooth balance and meter, drops good, i switched back to these after going through all nike,s the past 3 years. think how many shots you miss because of a speeding meter.....- right.-.. buy these.-) Iron shots are not far off regarding spinn , compared with nike,s. despite only 2,5 spinn
Wednesday, 11 Jan 2017

Scoring the best that I have with this ball. Yes, a different color would be nice as an option even if it where a 50 credit up charge.
Friday, 18 Nov 2016

Still using these at Champion with meter never missing the ping. 2.0 durability could be better but unless your meter runs away, you won't lose any of these. Spin is only 2.5 but the trick is to play high spin irons at 4.5 and then they drop and stop. Waiting for the gold one to return.