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Adams Tight Lies Hybrid (L88+)

Adams Tight Lies Hybrid (L88+)
Avg Distance
Shot Shaping
Meter Speed

2,095 Cr

Adams Tight Lies Hybrid

The latest hybrid from Adams combines its hybrid technology and Tight Lies design to help you get out of all types of situations. Swing confidently even on those tough second shots with extra forgiveness and precision for top players.

Player Reviews

Monday, 14 Aug 2017

by far one of the best clubs on wgt,,,it is consistent,true and reliable well worth the cost,,,try it during a free rental w/ will be buying it very soon after!!!!
Wednesday, 26 Jul 2017

After having used this club it is by far the best club in my bag, i can hit it 190 or over 250, the meter is best on wgt, ding it all the time, yesterday on SA I hit this club 294yds and can't believe it, this club is good from the rough too if you learn how to use it properly
Thursday, 29 Jun 2017

Ive used a Hybrid on & off for awhile and I still think this is one of the best Hybrid's on WGT,I had the higher level Nike one before but this one seemed to be able to hit cleaner shots from rough and it had a knack for finding the greens with more power in downwinds
Wednesday, 26 Apr 2017

I call It my 225 yd wedge as It will stop on a dime!. Example, 17th at St Andy's, Pin behind bunker with TAILWIND & landed a few feet past & stopped dead.
Monday, 10 Apr 2017

I just rented this club this morning and on Bethpage on a long par 4 the other guy had to play a long iron, I took this club and went for the pin in front of a bunker and my shot went over the bunker on the green and stopped just like it was a wedge shot, buy this club right now!!!!!