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MAX Spin 56° Wedge (L50+)

MAX Spin 56° Wedge (L50+)
Avg Distance
Shot Shaping
Meter Speed

895 Cr

MAX Spin 56° Wedge

Get the maximum spin on your approach shots with the new MAX Spin Wedges. Watch the ball "back up" and find the hole, especially on shots from the fairway. Happy pin hunting!

Player Reviews

Saturday, 29 Jul 2017

have this and the 60. Still getting used to the club.When you hit it right it stops on a dime. have put the ball within 6 inches of the cup from 60 yards. Great club. Buy it.
Saturday, 30 Jul 2016

No doubt, one of the best buys I've made. These clubs will put the brakes on when you need it and will even find reverse easily. Want to score low, you gotta get close to the hole and these do just that. Do not hesitate to buy! I went with the MAX 56, 60 and 64 and my scores went down significantly.
Saturday, 23 Apr 2016

the best,,,,,just buy them, you wont regret it!!!
Friday, 12 Feb 2016

simply the best
Tuesday, 08 Sep 2015

Best spin out of all types of wedges. With this, I always can reliably get it within 5 yards, but more likely within 2 yards. Also, gets out of moderate to high rough with little effect (except on spin).