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MAX Platinum Vapor Balls (L0+)

MAX Platinum Vapor Ball (L0+)
Avg Distance
Shot Shaping
Meter Speed


3 Pack of MAX Platinum Vapor Balls

No matter your level, you can't go wrong with these! As long as you're looking for overall game improvement with more distance, control and spin. Plus, with a platinum vapor trail that makes your shots easier to track through the air, your virtual golf game is really going places.

Player Reviews

Thursday, 31 Jan 2019

Best ball on WGT!
Thursday, 19 Jul 2018

Love these.....just wish they came in different colors...hard to see.
Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018

best ball ive ever tried......great meter speed for me......distances is good.... spins too.....and they are the coolest looking ball on wgt...just a shame i cant afford them all the time because they are perfect for me
Friday, 30 Mar 2018

This ball is the best ball at master level under 85 level with the best clubs......Expensive, but practice with other balls and when it counts tee them up.. 100% good ball.
Tuesday, 09 Jan 2018

Best ball I have tried and the best ball available to me. If there is a better ball on WGT I would buy it. Performs brilliantly in all conditions.