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Pro Shop » Callaway Balls » 3 Pack of Callaway HEX Chrome+ Balls (Slow Meter) (L34+)

Callaway HEX Chrome+ Balls (Slow Meter) (L34+)

Callaway HEX Chrome+ Ball (Slow Meter) (L34+)
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3 Pack of Callaway HEX Chrome+ Balls (Slow Meter)

New from Callaway. Get more distance, control and durability from Callaway, plus an even slower WGT swing meter to help you ding more perfect shots.

Player Reviews

Saturday, 23 Feb 2019

I still believe that this is the best ball to use. I also would love to see it offered in the color yellow.
Sunday, 30 Dec 2018

The more I learn the L34/L35/L39 Callaway, the more I love the ball. Knowing if when I need to move to the slower meter Max Ball with same specs will not required learning a new ball is priceless. Just offer them all in yellow please. Including the Max Pro ball. :)
Wednesday, 05 Dec 2018

One of the perks to this ball is you can learn it and there are other choices of the same ball with different meter speeds. Some days you need a faster meter, others a slower one. You can have different feels with same specs for your mapping.
Saturday, 25 Aug 2018

I have tried quite a few different balls in my 9 year quest to become the best player I can be. In the end, I have always come back to this ball. It is the best ball I have found for it's consistency, performance and mid-range price.
Friday, 22 Jun 2018

This ball is great value! Looked at the Titleist Pro V1 but couldn't justify the extra 200 credits to buy them.