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Callaway Chrome Soft Balls (L33+)

Callaway Chrome Soft Ball (L33+)
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3 Pack of Callaway Chrome Soft Balls

New Chrome Soft from Callaway, giving you maximum control on your shots, plus distance, durability and a slower WGT swing meter.

Player Reviews

Friday, 17 Aug 2018

choosing a ball.. depends on your clubs. if your clubs give you spin and distance, then a little extra control from the ball is enough. This ball gives you that at a great price.
Thursday, 12 Apr 2018

The secret to deciding on the ball you want to go with. Is, in my opinion, performance, consistently, and price. I have tried, and still have in my inventory, many different brands and balls of various levels. I like this ball the best all-around. Try it out and see. Legend.
Thursday, 21 Dec 2017

Super good ball! I've been using it for a few years now. For the price you can't go wrong!
Tuesday, 12 Dec 2017

Give this one a try. It really delivers great results. I've been buying them for a couple of years now. I've tried another brand nearly twice the price and, well - as bad as I golf here, I could see little if no difference. Agree with Brad02... , you can compensate.
Tuesday, 24 Oct 2017

The consumate "mid range" ball. Sure the higher level Nike balls are "better" but these balls are solid in all stats but way more affordable. I've been using for couple of months and made the necessary slight adjustments to the game-play against expensive Nike's and am not losing a single shot.