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Pro Shop » Balls » 3 Pack of Callaway HEX Chrome+ Balls (L35+)

Callaway HEX Chrome+ Balls (L35+)

Callaway HEX Chrome+ Ball (L35+)
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Shot Shaping
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3 Pack of Callaway HEX Chrome+ Balls

New from Callaway. Get maximum distance on your shots, plus control, durability and a slower WGT swing meter.

Player Reviews

Thursday, 06 Dec 2018

Gr8 Ball! One hidden gem with this ball is you can save credits mapping with the L35, then change between L34, L35, L39 or Max pro's to take advantage of the meter speed you may need from day to day while not worrying about distances from ball to ball. Just wish they all had the yellow option.
Tuesday, 14 Aug 2018

Great value for money - ball. And the spin is just good if your between clubs and need some distance.... bit to full topspin and your at the flag. Great meter.... no jumps. Ptitch distance is correct with your clubs. No extra roll. exact where you want your ball te be.
Wednesday, 02 May 2018

The best price/performance ball in this market.
Friday, 12 Jan 2018

By far best value for money golf ball on WGT - long off the tee, good spin rate and last a good time, above all half the price of the Nike's.Buy them and you won't be disappointed
Monday, 05 Sep 2016

Best bang for the buck. Guess when I finally make T. Legend then I will go to the 4-5 $ balls.