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WGT Golf News

  • CC Event #4 This Weekend

    12 Dec 2014

    Play CC Event #4 this weekend to compete against other country clubs for new rewards, including new winter-y Snowman Tee Markers and Flags for your country club tournaments, and the gold MAX CC Rewards gold putter.

    CC Event #4 runs for 48 hours all day Sat 12/13 and Sun 12/14 with multiple 4-hour Clashes, so be sure to play as many games as you can for your club this weekend, and keep your eyes on the Leaderboard.

    When a CC Event starts, anyone in your country club can enter your country club in the event. Once your club is entered, you'll get matched up with another club, similar to your club's skill level, which starts the Club Clash and a timer will show how much time is left in each 4-hour clash.

    Each Club Clash is played on nine-holes at either Bandon Dunes (NEW!), Bethpage, Congressional or Merion. Post as many good rounds as you can for your country club in each Club Clash, using either a Club Pass or a Superpass to multiply your points.

    The winning clubs in each Club Clash receive additional bonus points, and at the end of the CC Event, the top 1,000 clubs all win prizes like Speed Boosts, the top 25 clubs win new Snowman Tee Markers and Flagsticks (keep an eye out for a sneak preview as you play in the event!) and the first place club wins the new MAX CC Rewards Putter for a lucky club member.

    Visit Your Country Club

    More about CC vs CC Events

    Join or create a WGT Country Club

  • Bandon Dunes Now on WGT

    10 Dec 2014

    Bandon Dunes is the newest full stroke play course available on WGT.

    The 5 courses at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort are located on the stunning Oregon coast and are among the top-ranked in the country.

    Fans of Bandon Dunes have selected their 18 favorite par 3 holes from all 5 courses, and WGT has created a Best of Bandon Par 3s stroke play course.

    The par 3 holes at Bandon Dunes will challenge WGT players at all levels, placing demands on iron accuracy and putting on the huge undulating greens, as well as scrambling from the rough, bunkers and fescue around the greens.

    Play Bandon Dunes

    Choose to play either the 18-hole stroke play course or the closest-to-the-hole game with 9 quick shots on WGT and WGT Golf Mobile.

    To learn more about reserving your trip to Bandon Dunes, visit

  • WGT Virtual Tour Top 4 Tour Legend Winners

    09 Dec 2014

    Congratulations to the top four Tour Legends in the 2014 WGT Virtual Tour Championship... 

    1. fmagnets - shot 53 and 57 for a combined final score of 110
    2. WaLk0fLiFe - shot a 54 and 56 for a final 110
    3. javiertorg - shot a 54 and 57 for a combined 111
    4. BigNick092785 - shot a 55 and 57 for final 112

    It was a close second round, but in the end these four Tour Legends are moving on to Part 2 of the Virtual Tour Championship competing for another 500,000 WGT Credit purse.

    The unique part of this final round tournament is that each player will need to stream their rounds on Twitch for other WGT players to watch live. You'll be able to watch these streams on the WGT Twitch channel ( when the players choose to play, between 12/11-12/14.

    Stay tuned and we'll let you know when you can watch!


    Congratulations to all of the 420 top players that qualified and played in the Virtual Tour Championship, who will split the record 500,000 credit purse based on their final combined scores.

    Championship Leaderboards

  • UPDATE: Virtual Tour Championship Round 1 ends today

    05 Dec 2014

    Today is the last chance for the 420 top WGT players to post their best score in Round 1 of the WGT Virtual Championship, which has a record prize purse of 1 million WGT Credits, a $10,000 value.

    Round 1 (12/2-12/5) is unlimited play on Kiawah, and here's where the leaders stand...

    • Tour Legend - tinybo leads at 52, 6 players are tied at 53, and 13 players are tied at 54
    • Legend - MyCorona leads at 54, arielgongon at 55, and 8 players are tied at 56
    • Tour Master - shagadelic and onthegrind lead at 56, 3 players are tied at 57, and 3 players are tied at 58
    • Master - borondon, SwenCaserio, DelaPoutine and geeberwocky all tied at 58, and 5 players are tied at 59
    • Tour Pro - jmbeanball and mulligan46 tied at 55, 3 players tied at 58
    • Pro - BigBlockVettes leads at 57, 2 players are tied at 61 it's a very close competition across all tiers.

    In order to be eligible for the Championship prizes, players must post Round 1 by the end of today Fri 12/5, so they can play Round 2 (12/6-12/8), which is a more challenging single-play round in tougher conditions on Pinehurst No. 2. The top 70 players in each tier will split the 500,000 credit purse based on their combined scores from Round 1 and Round 2.

    Then, the Top 4 Tour Legends will compete in a final round, on a brand new WGT course, from 12/11 to 12/14, for another 500,000 credit purse. Those 4 Tour Legends will also need to stream their final rounds on Twitch for other WGT players to watch live.

    More updates early next week...

    Championship Leaderboards

  • CC of the Week - Lobsters Lair

    03 Dec 2014

    This week's Country Club of the Week is... Lobsters Lair, who just celebrated its fourth birthday last week!

    The Lobsters Lair country club has 33 members, including 3 officers, with more than 1,406,600 Experience Points (XP) earned. They are quickly approaching Club Level 7, but currently at Club Level 6, they have unlocked a number of country club benefits, including a free Putter Pal and Shot Pal for all of their members and earning +5% Club XP per round. Keep playing using CC Passes to level up your club to unlock these benefits too.

    Club Director Lobsterboy, a Level 99 Legend, describes the birthday club...

    "What a great honor to be chosen as the CC of the week and the timing couldn't be better as the LLCC just celebrated her 4th birthday on the 24th of November!

    The vision of the Lobsters Lair Country Club is that of an active, tight knit 'family' atmosphere. Above all else, the name of the game is to have fun and enjoy yourself here. We strive to be the most active, most fun, and very best CC in all of WGT! Not recorded in stats or numbers, but rather by each and every member knowing that there is no other place they'd rather be!

    I'd like to thank all members past and present for making the LLCC the club she is today and I look forward to the next 4 years!


    Happy birthday, Lobsters! From everyone at WGT. 

    The current Weekly Leaderboard below shows The Peoples Club at #1, followed by Sherbrooke Country Club, The old duffers retreat, The Madrid Golf Club and The Georgian.

  • Virtual Tour Championship Starts Today

    02 Dec 2014

    The first-ever Virtual Tour Championship tournament starts today, for the top 70 players in each tier on the overall Season Leaderboard.

    The top 70 players in the Pro thru Tour Legend tiers on the Virtual Tour Season Leaderboard have qualified for this final championship tournament on WGT, with a ONE MILLION WGT Credit purse, a value of $10,000 in credits.

    Qualifying players can post their best score in an unlimited-play first round on Kiawah, 12/2-12/5, then play a single-play second round on Pinehurst No. 2 12/6-12/8, to determine their combined final score and share of the 500,000 credit purse.

    The top 4 Tour Legends from this will also play a final round and stream it live on Twitch from 12/11-12/14, competing for another 500,000 credit purse.

    See Championship Leaderboards

  • WATCH LIVE NOW: 777999 vs. WGTicon on Twitch

    02 Dec 2014

    LIVE NOW, head over to our Twitch page - - to watch Tour Legend 777999 play WGTicon LIVE.


    Tune in to watch and listen to all the action, get insights and tips, chat with players, ask questions of your own, plus get a free WGT gift!


    This week's match-up: 777999 vs. WGTicon


    Level: 97

    Tier: Tour Legend



    • Longest Putt Made: 74 ft.
    • A regular viewer of WGT Twitch matches
    • Has shot 2 holes-in-one


    WGTicon (aka iconian)

    Level: 100

    Tier: Tour Legend


    • WGT Forum Moderator
    • Likes: dogs, virtual golfing in fancy skirts
    • Shot his first ever 56 on Kiawah with PING Raptures

    See past Twitch matches here and learn more about streaming WGT on Twitch, and how to stream your own WGT games on our FAQ.

  • FRIENDofyourWIFE wins Golf Advisor Championship

    01 Dec 2014

    Don't be alarmed... WGT player FRIENDofyourWIFE wins the Golf Advisor Championship in the Tour Legend tier of the WGT Virtual Tour.

    Tour Legend FRIENDofyourWIFE captures his first WGT Virtual Tour title in the November Golf Advisor Championship -- a big one, given that this was the final major tournament of the season, shooting a final score of 112 on Pinehurst No. 2 to win the multi-player tie-breaker. 

    The top 70 scores in each tier of the Virtual Tour tournament have all earned a share of the 400,000 WGT Credit purse this month, adding to their overall Season Leaderboard standing to qualify for the Virtual Tour Championship, starting tomorrow, with a record one million credit purse.

    Congratulations to WaLk0fLiFe, Funkyjunkie3000, nikic123 and fmagnets on their second place standing among the top Tour Legends.

    Golf Advisor Championship Winners

    See Golf Advisor Championship Leaderboards

    This month in December, WGT will run the first-ever Virtual Tour Championship, with a record ONE MILLION WGT CREDIT PURSE, a value of $10,000 in WGT Credits.

    The top 70 players who finish in each of the Pro thru Tour Legend tiers on the Virtual Tour season leaderboard thru November will qualify to play in the December Championship, running 12/2 to 12/8 for a prize purse of 500,000 WGT Credits.

    The top 4 Tour Legends from part 1 will then play in a final round (on a brand new WGT stroke play course) and will need to stream that round on Twitch, so other players can watch. This will run 12/11 to 12/14 for another prize purse of 500,000 WGT Credits. 

    Season Qualifiers by Tier

    The final season results came down to the last major in November. Below is a summary of the top players by tier and those who finished above and below the top 70 cut line needed to qualify for the championship...

    Tour Legend Tier

    • dansamcam was the wire-to-wire top qualifier with 59,060 season credits, followed by fmagnets (55,957) and poldimaier (53,650), frenchconnect (41,213) and LyonWoulds (40,952)
    • GLADSTONESCREWER and mgd300 just made the top 70 cut with 3,881 season credits
    • tinhorn and duffputt just missed the cut

    Legend Tier

    • imgambit was the top qualifier with 34,038 season credits, followed by RoarEMackElroy (30,946) and hotho (29,285)
    • belgebenja and garygun just made the top 70 cut with 2,803 credits
    • BuffaloBilly6734 and WeidaDeNei just missed the cut

    Tour Master Tier

    • shagdelic was the top qualifier with 17,280 season credits, followed by sgarbiv (17,160) and TR1ANNA (11,178)
    • allevalli and localbistro just made the top 70 cut with 1,980 credits
    • THESERPA and Kalel2 just missed the cut

    Master Tier

    • borondon was the top qualifier with 7,200 season credits, followed by SwenCaserio (6,660) and chuckwaggon (5,724)
    • geeberwocky and BigMacAu just made the top 70 cut with 807 season credits
    • CotoDad and MyHandicapIsGolf just missed the cut

    Tour Pro Tier

    • barakfriedman was the top qualifier with 6,539 season credits, followed by happypappy405 and mulligan46 tied at 6,120
    • guome12 and antoonnn just made the top 70 cut, tied at 623 season credits
    • Kyperg and Iharsh481 just missed the cut

    Pro Tier

    • CuseFan01 was the top qualifier with 4,680 season credits, followed by cun01 (2,813) and Addohm (2,808)
    • RIC820, juboarder09 and foreyourway all made the top 70 cut, tied at 393 credits
    • mycourse51 and golfana99 just missed the cut

    Note that some of the top Pro, Tour Pro and Master tier players have tiered-up in November, but they qualified to play the championship in the tier they started in for the last season tournament in November.

    See Virtual Tour Season Leaderboards

  • One More Day – Cyber Monday on WGT Golf Mobile

    01 Dec 2014

    Back for one more day! For Cyber Monday today, deposit 2,000 or more WGT Credits on WGT Golf Mobile and get 3 free NIKE RZN Red virtual golf balls.

    The NIKE RZN Reds are the bomb! Every shot will be easier to hit, go longer and stop on the green faster...try it for yourself to prove it.

    This special offer is for WGT Golf Mobile, but WGT players on web can download the free app for iPhone and iPad, log in with their web account, make the deposit in the mobile app then use the free NIKE balls on either the web or mobile games.

    Launch WGT Golf Mobile

    Note, the NIKE virtual golf balls will automatically be added to your inventory but not automatically equipped. To play with the new golf balls, just open your Equipment and equip the new NIKE RZN Red golf balls from your inventory.

    *Special offer on WGT Golf Mobile only, buy 2,000 or more WGT Credits on 12/1/14, receive 3 free NIKE RZN Red virtual golf balls (Level 40+).

  • CC Event #3 Winners

    01 Dec 2014

    CC Event #3 is now over. Thanks to the more than 2,000 country clubs who participated over the weekend.

    Members of all the top 1,000 finishing country clubs have each earned rewards, which are awarded automatically. These include bonus CC Passes and Speed Boosts so players can play more games faster to earn more points for their country club.

    Plus, the top 25 finishing clubs have been awarded the new Dog tee markers and flags, which they can enjoy in their own country club tournaments.

    Top 100 country clubs in CC Event #3

    StandingCountry Club Score
    1 IBIS GC A Unique Golf Club 22,255
    2 The Peoples Club 15,901
    3 WGT AMIGOS 15,453
    5 The old duffers retreat 13,519
    6 Carolina Sandhills 13,227
    7 O Canada 12,470
    8 No Quitters Here Please 12,311
    9 Piojosos Country and Bochas Club 12,120
    10 The Georgian 11,958
    11 Supreme BlueStream 11,193
    12 Smoking Tees 11,001
    13 Au Revior Gopher Country Club 10,379
    14 Sherbrooke Country Club 10,324
    15 JunkyardDogs 10,168
    16 Black Diamond Hills 10,148
    17 East Coast 9,506
    18 OCGL Country Club 9,340
    20 SPARTAN NATION CC 9,215
    21 The serenity club 9,054
    22 Palm Beach Kiawah Golf Club 8,914
    23 MisFits and Outcasts Country Club 8,733
    24 Wooden Tee Country Club 8,670
    25 Aussie Aussie Aussie 8,663
    26 Squirrel Killers 8,620
    27 B-A-D 8,501
    28 Ladies Professional Golf Association 8,414
    29 greenlanders 8,248
    30 GO FOR THE GUSTO 8,227
    31 Still Trying Ta Find Da Hole 8,167
    32 BOSTONS BEST 8,156
    33 Crowned Masters Golf Resort 7,929
    34 The American Golf Academy and Skype Club 7,926
    35 D H Inc DaHacks 7,890
    36 Valley of the Sun Casual Club 7,886
    37 Black Diamond GC 7,866
    39 parkersburg 7,770
    40 It takes a lot of balls to play like us 7,677
    41 The Jerky Meter Country Club 7,670
    42 Endeavour 7,259
    43 NoMans Land Golf Club 7,257
    44 No Drama CC 7,122
    45 The Yellow Brick Road Country Club 7,108
    46 CC for GOLFAHOLICS 7,105
    47 THE 60s CLUB 6,991
    50 BloodMoon Country club 6,887
    51 Canadian Country Club_CCC 6,818
    52 over 60s fun flappers 6,815
    53 Senior Citizens 6,794
    54 GOLFlopp 6,770
    55 Texas Roundup 6,676
    56 White Rabbit Country Club 6,624
    57 The Wolfs Lair 6,622
    58 The Golden Beaver Golf and Country Club 6,585
    59 Socialites And True Golfers 6,442
    60 Rams Hill CC of Oro Valley 6,341
    61 GTAelite 6,327
    63 Dear Creek Country Club 6,233
    64 In His Glorious Name 6,208
    65 Reckless Drivers Country Club 6,181
    67 Freedom Fields 6,148
    68 Hawaiian Country Club 6,147
    69 ThePlayersClub 6,121
    70 No Quitters Here 6,111
    71 The Madrid Golf Club 6,056
    72 Terme di Saturnia Golf Club 6,047
    73 Sunset Cliff California CC 6,025
    74 Beaches N Eagles 6,015
    75 The World is Yours 5,997
    76 Tossin Darts CC 5,916
    77 British Columbia Selects 5,912
    78 BOSTONS BEST 4 5,867
    79 CHIP SHOT CC 5,750
    80 Par Busters Country Club 5,732
    81 Twisted Evolution 5,697
    82 Knockabout Country Club 5,614
    83 United Federation of Virtual Golfers 5,595
    84 great lakes gamblers country club 5,588
    85 casablanca hills 5,574
    86 oldbat 5,537
    87 TPC of World Golf Tour 5,506
    88 Houten 79 5,501
    89 Mighty Roo Slayers 5,495
    90 Green Emerald Country Club 5,487
    91 GlenBeagles CC 5,474
    92 The Deviations 5,459
    93 NZ Kiwis Country Club 5,434
    94 Razorbacks duffers 5,428
    95 Blood Sweat And Beers 5,427
    96 Panther Run Dog Track 5,426
    97 ShamRoqs 4 Leaf Clover Golf Club 5,332
    98 CC ALL STARS 5,330
    99 Swedish WGT junkies GK 5,315
    100 Black Salt 5,302

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