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WGT Golf News

  • Get the Newest Putter from PING

    10 Jul 2014

    If your putting isn't up to par, try the new virtual Anser 2 putter from PING on WGT.

    Get extra precision and a slower WGT swing meter with expanded swing meter increments, starting at 15 and 30 feet for more precision and more birdies.

    PING Putter Level 28

    PING Putter Level 44

    PING Putter Level 72

    New PING Anser 2 virtual putters available now in the WGT Pro Shop, unlocking at Levels 28, 44 and 72.

  • WGT Nation Special Tournament

    08 Jul 2014

    WGT Nation members, play the special Nation Uneven Lies on Pinehurst No. 2 tournament this month.

    Compete in this free stroke play tournament, featuring challenging uneven lies conditions, against other WGT Nation players in your same tier for a share of the 200,000 WGT Credit purse.

    Play Free Nation Tournament

    WGT Nation is a free program for top WGT players. Learn more and see if you're eligible here.

  • BigNick092785 leads the Virtual U.S. Open Championship

    07 Jul 2014

    The 2014 Virtual U.S. Open Championship is currently underway on WGT.

    The top 253 players from the Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier are playing the Virtual U.S. Open Championship, featuring four challenging single-play rounds, with the lowest combined score becoming the 2014 Virtual U.S. Open Champion.

    In the middle of Round 2, it's BigNick092785 (USA) from the Double Eagle Country Club, shooting 56 and 58 for 114, but followed closely by four players at 115 including: bigddogg19 (USA), fmagnets (UK), pb1711 (South Africa) and Courtney01 (South Africa) all at 115, with about 50 players within a few strokes of the leaders.

    BOOM! Just like that, the 2010 Virtual U.S. Open Champion and one of the all-time great WGT players, BolloxinBruges, is tied for the lead at 114 with 56 and 58. Also tied at 114 is bhoese who's from the same Double Eagle Country Club as BigNick092785. It's heating up!

    There are no saved replays from BigNick on Pinehurst yet, but here he is in action recently on Congressional.


    2014 Virtual U.S. Open Championship

    Round 1 - Jul 1-4 - pb1711 (South Africa) 55, poldimaier (Germany) 55, TarHeelsRule (USA) 55

    Round 2 - Jul 5-8 - bigddogg19 (USA) 56, ladyluck87 (USA) 56

    Round 3 - Jul 9-12

    Round 4 - Jul 13-16

    See Leaderboard


    Past Virtual U.S. Open Champions

    NASAGolfer (USA)
    Bethpage - 2009

    BolloxinBruges (USA)
    Oakmont - 2010

    mrenn29 (USA)
    Congressional - 2011

    StoneColdKiller (USA)
    Olympic - 2012

    Kriztjan (Sweden)
    Merion - 2013

  • WATCH: Golf Channel interviews frenchconnect

    05 Jul 2014

    As a WGT Virtual Tour major winner, WGT player frenchconnect is interviewed by Golf Channel.

    Watch frenchconnect discuss winning the GolfNow Championship and get his tips for playing WGT. [SEE INTERVIEW]

    Golf Channel is covering the WGT Virtual Tour all year, including online scores, virtual leaderboards, updates and even interviews with WGT players, just like the professional tours! See Golf Channel Coverage

  • Play Virtual Tour Major This Month

    03 Jul 2014

    Play the second major on the WGT Virtual Tour in the Transamerica Championship this month.

    The major-size purse is 400,000 WGT Credits, enough to shake up the season leaderboards and help the Top 64 players in every tier to quality for the Virtual Tour Championship in Dec with a record 1,000,000 WGT Credit purse!

    Post your best score on Olympic by 7/26 to qualify for Round 2, plus you get a free Transamerica virtual vapor ball when you enter.

    Play Virtual Tour

    Major events like this are great ways to earn even more WGT Credits than regular monthly tournaments, so be sure to post your scores every month.

    Follow full WGT Virtual Tour coverage on Golf Channel, including online scores, virtual leaderboards, updates and even interviews with WGT players, just like the professional tours. See Golf Channel Coverage

    ...and in case you missed it, watch Golf Channel's video interview with the last major tournament winner, frenchconnect... You could be next!

  • WGT player dansamcam wins Criquet Cup

    01 Jul 2014

    dansamcam (USA) has won his fourth event of the 2014 WGT Virtual Tour, the Criquet Cup, in the Tour Legend tier of the very best WGT players.

    Every month on the Virtual Tour, Round 1 allows players to post their best score, and there were many new names on the Round 1 leaderboards this month. However Round 2 is a more stressful single-play round, and that's where dansamcam stood out, shooting 38 and 38 for a combined score of 76, besting other top Tour Legends AllyKennedy (UK) with 38 and 41 for 79, and Spammage (USA) with 39 and 41 for 80.

    There were great scores in the Legend tier on the challenging Best of Par 3 course as well, with hotho (UK) shooting 77 to win, over RoarEMackElroy (USA) and Atlas3804 (USA) with 79, and sub50 (USA), donsprintr (USA) and AlbertoBQ (USA) each with 80.

    Congratulations to all the winners of the Criquet Cup who win their share of the 200,000 WGT Credit purse.

    Criquet Cup Winners

    See Criquet Cup Leaderboards

    The Virtual Tour season race still close, as the regular events have 200,000 credit purses, but the major events have 400,000 credit purses, with the majors happening in March, July, September and November.

    In the Tour Legend tier, while dansamcam has won 4 regular events, it is frenchconnect who has won the only major so far, the GolfNow Championship, and other top players have placed high so it's still a close race.

    Virtual Tour Season Leaders - Tour Legends

    1. dansamcam (USA) - 39K
    2. LyonWoulds (USA) - 34K
    3. frenchconnect (USA) - 27K
    4. CptWomp (CAN) - 24K
    5. poldimaier (GER) - 16K

    See Virtual Tour Season Leaderboards

    Remember, the Top 64 players in the Virtual Tour season standings for each tier will qualify to play in the Virtual Tour Championship in December--with A RECORD ONE MILLION WGT CREDIT PURSE! So players should monitor the season standings every month, and be sure to play in every event, especially the majors, like the Transamerica Championship on Olympic this month in July.

    Play Transamerica Championship

  • Last day to win U.S. Open trip

    30 Jun 2014

    The 2014 Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier ends today June 30th, so post your best round on Pinehurst No. 2 for your chance to win the grand prize trip to next year's U.S. Open.

    Both the top leaderboard score and one other lucky player chosen at random will each win a grand prize trip for two to Chambers Bay as special guests of the USGA, plus a $500 gift card. And everyone who enters the Qualifier gets a free USGA avatar, a free Lexus virtual golf ball, and a free Lexus Putter Pal.

    Play Qualifier Today

    Attention top players, it appears that the cut line in the Qualifier to make the Championship rounds is 57 or better, as the Top 156 plus ties qualify for the Championship, and about 50 players have posted 56 or better, and over 150 players have posted 57, so if you're close, today is the day to shoot at 57. Good luck!

    See Qualifier Leaderboard


  • New NIKE Vapor Balls

    27 Jun 2014


    The top-selling Nike RZN virtual golf balls just got vapor trails in matching colors to help trace your shots thru the air.

    Unlocking at Level 42 in the WGT Pro Shop...


    • Get more control and a slower WGT swing meter with the new Nike RZN White Vapor golf balls, with matching white vapor trail.
    • Get more distance and a slower WGT swing meter with the new Nike RZN Red Vapor golf balls, with red vapor trail.


    Unlocking at Level 92 for top WGT players in the WGT Pro Shop...


    • Get even more control and a slower swing meter with new Nike RZN Platinum Vapor golf balls, with platinum vapor trail.
    • Get even more distance and a slower swing meter with the new Nike RZN Black Vapor golf balls, with black vapor trail.


    All new RZN Vapor virtual golf balls are available now in the Pro Shop.

    See All Nike Balls

  • New Country Club options, NIKE vapor balls, PING putters and GolfNow tee times

    26 Jun 2014

    We've just added some new features for Country Clubs, virtual equipment and ways to book some real-world tee times. See what's new, including...


    Country Club Brackets: Closest-to-the-Hole

    Brackets are the fastest growing new game on WGT. Players compete in small 16-person brackets in head-to-head match-ups, with winners advancing until a final champion is decided.

    Country Clubs can run private Bracket tournaments too, initially stroke play and now closest-to-the-hole private tournaments for their members. Set one up today on Pebble Beach or Wolf Creek.

    View Country Club

    If you haven't joined a Country Club yet, get in on the fun. This is a great way to make new WGT friends and always have a group to play and compete with. It's easy to find one looking for new members, or create your own!


    NIKE RZN Vapor Balls


    The top-selling NIKE virtual golf balls on WGT just got vapor trails, and in matching colors...

    Get the most distance and control in the game from NIKE RZN.

    See All NIKE Balls


    Callaway Yellow Vapor Balls

    By popular request, the player-favorite Callaway HEX Chrome virtual golf balls are now available in yellow, with matching neon yellow vapor trails.

    Help trace your shots thru the air and your putts over breaks.

    See All Callaway Balls


    PING ANSER 2 Putters

    The PING virtual putters on WGT just got an upgrade to the latest PING Answer 2 putter with a more precise swing meter.

    Drain more eagle and birdie putts!

    See All PING Putters


    New GolfNow Tee Times

    Most WGT players are also real-world golfers, so you can now book your real-world golf right from WGT.

    The new service is powered by WGT partner GolfNow, the world's leading online booking site for discounted golf rates at over 5,000 golf courses in the USA, Canada, UK and other countries.

    You'll find preferred rates on great courses, including some of the virtual golf courses from WGT, like Bali Hai, Edgewood Tahoe and Wolf Creek, depending on the season.

    See Tee Times

  • Ding the Meter and Score Better

    24 Jun 2014

    A slower WGT swing meter makes it easier to "ding" more shots.

    Try these premium virtual golf balls that will slow down your WGT swing meter and help you hit better shots.

    HEX Chrome+
    Slow Meter Balls

    MAX Slow
    Meter Balls

    Level 1+
    Level 34+
    Hack+ tier
    Pro+ tier


    Use WGT Credits to purchase premium golf balls. Get WGT Credits by leveling and tiering up, completing free offers and purchasing WGT Credits.

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