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WGT Golf News

  • Merion Hole 14 Preview on WGT

    06 Jun 2013

    We're a week away from the 2013 U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club, but you can play the golf course now, free online on World Golf Tour.

    The par-4 Hole 14 at Merion challenges you from the tee, with bunkers lining the right side of the fairway and high fescue rough on the left. Though your approach is to a large green, don't miss to the left or you risk your ball running out of bounds.

    Play Merion Hole 14 free without sign-up on WGT here.

    And if you haven't played WGT yet, join the millions of golfers playing virtual golf free online at

    See Merion Hole 13 Preview

  • Nike RZN balls get Vapors

    06 Jun 2013

    Get the top performing Nike RZN virtual golf balls, now with popular vapor trails.

    Nike RZN balls offer the most distance and control, plus a slower WGT swing meter, for the best virtual game experience. Both the Nike 20XI and 20XI-X RZN balls have been upgraded with vapor trails, to help you trace your shots thru the air.

    See Nike RZN Vapor Balls

    These new balls unlock for top players at Levels 64 and 84.

  • Merion Hole 13 Preview on WGT

    05 Jun 2013

    As we enter the home stretch leading up to the 2013 U.S. Open, the golf world's attention is quickly turning to Merion Golf Club in anticipation for next week's action. You can take an early look at the golf course the pros will face right now, free online on World Golf Tour.

    Unlike the other one-shotters on the course, the par-3 Hole 13 at Merion offers a birdie opportunity. The small green is the real test here, being one of the smallest on the course with challenging lies to test your putting.

    Try it yourself and play Merion Hole 13 free without sign-up on WGT here.

    And if you haven't played WGT yet, join the millions of golfers playing virtual golf free online at

    See Merion Hole 12 Preview

  • Special Tournament for Legends and Tour Legends

    04 Jun 2013

    Legend and Tour Legend players, play in the Legends Merion Challenge tournament, featuring uneven lies.

    Compete against the very best WGT players under the hardest conditions on Merion. Enter this special two-round tournament and be sure to post your first round score by Fri, 6/7.

    First round is unlimited-play from 6/3-6/7, and the top 50% advance to the single-play second round, 6/8-6/9 over the weekend, to determine the final winners. The top 70 players in each tier will split double WGT Credit purses.

    Play Legends Merion Challenge

    *This tournament is free to enter and runs 6/3/13-6/9/13 for Legend and Tour Legend players only.

  • Golf's Longest Day

    03 Jun 2013

    WGT fans, today is known as "Golf's Longest Day" because it's the final day of U.S. Open sectional qualifying.

    Hundreds of top amateur and pro golfers are competing today on eleven courses for a final chance to qualify for the remaining spots in the U.S. Open at Merion 6/13-16.

    The USGA is tracking all the action from the U.S. Open qualifiers on, including live sectional leader boards, news and scoring.

    Golf Channel will also have special coverage today on TV during the Morning Drive (7am-11am EST) and Golf Central (1pm-12am EST), as well as live streaming on (10am-1pm EST).

    You can also follow the social conversation by searching and tweeting #RoadToMerion on Twitter.

    Have fun today!

  • Merion Hole 12 Preview on WGT

    01 Jun 2013

    It's officially June, which is U.S. Open month on WGT. Merion Golf Club will soon be filled with top players from around the world, but WGTers are playing the course right now on World Golf Tour and you can too, free online.

    The key to Hole 12 at Merion is the tee shot to the dogleg-right fairway that slopes severely from left to right. Land on the right side of the fairway and you'll have a flatter lie, but trees and rough are dangerously close to the right. It's another tricky tree-lined par-four at Merion.

    Try it yourself and play Merion Hole 12 free without sign-up on WGT here.

    And if you haven't played WGT yet, join the millions of golfers playing virtual golf free online at

    See Merion Hole 11 Preview

  • UPDATE: Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier

    31 May 2013

    We're two weeks away from the U.S. Open at Merion (can you believe it?), and WGT players from all over the world continue to challenge the virtual Merion Golf Club championship course on World Golf Tour.

    If you haven't played the free Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier yet, or are continuing to play to post a better score, be sure to check out our Merion hole previews on the blog for some pro tips by hole.

    And keep checking back for more tips and advice as we continue on the #RoadToMerion (use this hashtag to join the conversation on Twitter!) when the top golfers come together at Merion to compete for the title.

    VUSO Highlight of the Week

    Watch TREMUX, a Level 98 Tour Legend (who has taken over second place in the Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier) sink a chip shot on Merion Hole 1 in this video replay. He's looking sharp with that Damon Hack Golf Channel avatar!

    Remember, you can play the Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier as many times as you want to try and post your best score, so keep shooting!

    Play Virtual U.S. Open

  • Merion Hole 11 Preview on WGT

    30 May 2013

    The 2013 U.S. Open Championship is fast approaching and we're continuing our course preview of the Back 9 at Merion Golf Club, which is also available to play free online on World Golf Tour.

    Golf fans may recognize Hole 11 at Merion as the hole where Bob Jones completed his Grand Slam in 1930, as it used to play as Hole 18. It's a beautiful hole and a birdie opportunity if played correctly, but you must hit the blind fairway and avoid the Baffling Brook that runs along the left side, to set yourself up for a good approach over the brook to the teardrop-shaped green.

    Play it yourself, try Merion Hole 11 free without sign-up on WGT.

    And if you haven't played WGT yet, join the millions of golfers playing virtual golf free online at

    See Merion Hole 10 Preview

  • Virtual U.S. Open, Nike RZN Vapors and Bags Plus

    30 May 2013

    It's U.S. Open month on WGT, so the 2013 Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier is in full swing, with more ways to compete on Merion, plus a couple other new features for WGT players. And be sure to watch this blog and our Facebook fan page all month for related news and special WGT promotions.

    Virtual U.S. Open

    With just two weeks left before the U.S. Open takes over the real Merion golf course, you still have lots of ways to play Merion on WGT...

    • Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier, full 18-hole qualifier with grand prize trips to next year's U.S. Open 
    • NEW Merion Ready-Go's, check back later today to play Merion in quick Ready-Go tournaments starting at only 50 WGT Credits 
    • COMING SOON Merion Special Tournaments, check back next week for special Merion tournaments for top players and customers

    Nike RZN Vapor Balls

    Get the top performing Nike RZN virtual golf balls, with the most distance and control, plus a slower WGT swing meter, and now with popular vapor trails to more easily trace your shots thru the air. Available in the WGT Pro Shop:

    New Golf Bags Plus

    Many top players like to play with club sets optimized for different golf courses and game formats on WGT.

    With new Golf Bags Plus, you can save your different club sets so you always have the right clubs that are ready to go when you are. Look great on the tee in plaid, blue and white, or red.


  • Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is coming to WGT

    29 May 2013

    The top request from WGT players is more great golf courses, so we’re excited to announce that Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is coming to World Golf Tour Fall 2014, joining the 18 other championship courses including Pebble Beach and St Andrews.

    Bandon Dunes is located on the stunning Oregon coast and has been one of the top-rated golf destinations in the world – including being ranked by GOLF Magazine and Golf Digest as the No. 1 Golf Resort in the U.S. In the latest Golf Digest Public Course Rankings, the four 18-hole courses at Bandon Dunes are ranked #3, #6, #12 and #16 (plus a 13-hole par-3 course, Bandon Preserve). It’s an amazing achievement, and for that reason Bandon Dunes is a "bucket list" trip for any serious golfer.

    Bandon Dunes has decided to create a 9-hole, par-3 course based on players' favorite par-3’s at the Resort. So they’re letting players vote on which of their favorite holes will be included. The 9 par-3 holes that get the most votes will be launched in early 2014 on WGT as a full stroke play course, free of charge.

    You can check out all of Bandon’s par-3 holes online here...

    When you’re ready to VOTE for your favorite holes, visit the Bandon Dunes Survey here

    And while you wait for the virtual golf course, Bandon Dunes delivers a true links golf experience with outstanding customer service, just contact them directly.

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