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  • Virtual Tour Tournament Wrap-Up - Transamerica Classic

    07 Mar 2014

    The Transamerica Classic came down to the wire in February between two WGT veterans, with dansamcam taking home his second consecutive win among the Tour Legend division via a tiebreaker over BolloxInBruges.

    The list of players capturing titles in other divisions last month include the following: LyonWoulds (Legend division, 113-shot total), shagadelic (Tour Master, 117), NiFromFb (Master, 118), turtlemtu (Tour Pro, 120) and RoarEMackElroy (Pro, 116).

    Each player took home a piece of the overall 200,000 WGT Credit purse, and their winnings have been added to their totals for the overall 2014 points race.

    Read full coverage and view final round highlights on Golf Channel


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