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  • Winners of the USGA "Back to Black" Challenge

    28 Mar 2010

    Congratulations to the winners of the The USGA "Back to Black" Challenge, who will receive exclusive USGA and Bethpage memorabilia!


    First place: AvatarLee

    Prize/Value: USGA Photo Store Print from Bethpage/$500

    Round 1: 52
    Round 2: 57
    Final: 109


    Second place: BolloxInBruges

    Prize/Value: Bethpage plate/$62

    Round 1: 52
    Round 2: 59
    Final: 111


    Third place: JakeStanfill7

    Prize/Value: 2009 U.S. Open Highlight DVD/$19.95

    Round 1: 56
    Round 2: 59
    Final: 115


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