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Augusta/The Masters 2013 petition

Sun, Apr 14 2019 4:02 PM by LEDzZzEPP. 410 replies.
  • GoodyChamp Netherlands
    588 Posts
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 4:51 AM




    Hi all WGTplayers,

    First of all I wanna say that I'm aware of the many posts and threads about Augusta on WGT.

    That having said I think this 1 is a bit different, perhaps a bit naive 2 ;-). But I thought just give it a try and who knows what will happen.

    Idea is 2 create a petition which can help WGTofficials in bringing Augusta /The Masters 2 WGT next year.

    Anybody who supports this idea can reply on this post and hopefully lots of adhesions will contribute 2 'our #1 WGTwishfeature' , that is, playing Augusta :)

    Votes on!

    Cheers, GC


    N.B. When u support this petition, please tell your WGT friends and CCmembers about it, thx.



    Edit 03-26-12:

    What about this as a prospect 4 next year....... nobody can resist that. Thx andyson 4 making Augusta already a bit of WGT! 


    .....1st 50 replies are in, thx 4 all the positive reactions and creative contributions sofar.

    Please let's keep this thing running so we can create at least a glimmer of a change. Any suggestions 2 make this thing bigger are welcome.

    Hope 2 have next 50 replies before the weekend and perhaps we can make a thousand in the final weekend of The Masters next week....would be gr8.

    Keep telling everybody about it !!!!

    Cheers, GC



    Edit 03-28-12:

    Man, we're doing a good job. Though still a 'long' way 2 go, support is going strong, nice!

    2 keep people getting involved I've  tried 2 be a bit creative myself and created a kinda logo 4 this petition. Would be awesome when supporting this petition, you reply on this post/thread and place this logo on your Blog/profile page, including the link 2  THIS FORUM THREAD!


    Let's go 4 it!!!!!

     Cheers, GC 



    Edit 03-31-12

    Wow, over 100 replies already, awesome, thx all sofar. Think we can multiply this the coming week..... MASTERS WEEK!

    Feel free 2 use the logo (just copy/paste it) on your own profile page. Or even better, you can use it the coming week as your own profilephoto 2, just like several others already did.

    Augusta here we come.......;-)

    Cheers, GC



    Edit 02-04-12:

    Masters Week has started.....gr8 Mastersmoment 2 warm up:


    OMG......would love 2 holeout that exact same shot here on WGT !



    2 get maximum attention and even more support, it would be gr8 2 see all of you putting the logo on your own profilepage, or even better use it as your own  profile pic this week.      Enjoy the Masters!!!

    Cheers, GC



    Edit 04-04-12:

    Masters COUNTDOWN!.....less than a day 2 gooooo......


    Just some of the reactions of supporters sofar:


    I've supported other longshots that didn't have a chance...why stop now...I support!



    would be the best course ever on wgt i support 100%


    Support, be great to have this course on WGT.

    C'mon World Golf officials, go get us Augusta.


    Another supporter! Heck, WGT is the most successful golf game, so come join it, Augusta!


    It would be incredible if Augusta could be included on WGT. I strongly support this petition.


    Would be AWESOME!


    I support your idea GC. Would love to see it happen.


    I fully support it, and I can see it attracting a lot more people to WGT as well.

    ........Keep them coming.......


    Cheers, GC



    Edit 05-04-12:


    Round 1 halfway through, Gr8 golfing already: Stenson -6, Woods -2 and Mcilroy +1 (doublebogied the 1st).

    andyson, thx 4 another creative masterpiece, the logo with a waving WGTNation flag, wow


    YESSSS     S.U.P.P.O.R.T.      YESSSS!!!!


    Cheers, GC



    Edit 08-04-12:



    Final day of the Masters 2012! 


    So do you wanna play the Masters 2013 right here on WGT?

    ........................Then show your support on this thread! 


    Cheers, GC



    Edit 04-09-12:


    What a fantastic final round of the Masters w've had. Excitement all the way, fantastic shots, just loved it. Absolutely the best Tournament there is, of any sports!


    Well hope u all enjoyed it as much as I did. 4 sure I wanna play this course and tournament on WGT. Hope this petition can help in that dream coming true.

    Tomorrow I'm gonna present this petition 2 Chad Nelson, misterWGT. So if you still wanna show u support before that, this is your last chance.....;-)

    Cheers, GC




    Edit 04-10-12:

    Hi all supporters,


    Thx all sofar. A couple of minutes ago I've presented this petition 2 Chad Nelson, misterWGT, by posting a wall post on his profile page. Lets hope all the best from it and that we'll be able 2 play Augusta next year.

    Although I'll calm down a bit now ;-), this wont be the end of this thread/petition. Guess it will be on till we actually can play Augusta. So I would like 2 finish with: 


     Supporting all the way.......till we do Augusta play!


    Cheers, GC




    Edit 05-20-12:

    Just have posted following message on misterWGT's wall:


    "Hi Chad," 

    6 weeks have been gone since I presented the "Augusta/The Masters 2013 petition" 2 you. The intention of this petition was, and still is, 2 help and support you guys in getting Augusta. Dozens of players have supported and are curious about Augusta. Although we are not expecting the impossible, it would have been nice 2 have heard at least something from you....but untill now not even a single word of response from you or any of you staff......Disappointing?...Yes Sir. Can you please tell us why?

    Cheers, GC





    Edit 05-31-2012:

    MisterWGT wants Augusta. He's asking us 2 help WGT in this by showing our support OVERHERE. See his comment on page 23 of this thread.

    Augusta here we come! ;-)

    Cheers, GC


  • BOXALL Ireland
    138 Posts
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 5:45 AM

    I honestly think that I've got more chance of winning the US Masters than Augusta has of ever appearing on WGT but yeah, go on, I'll support it.

  • Teedaawg United States
    276 Posts
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 6:14 AM

    I've supported other longshots that didn't have a chance...why stop now...I support!


  • klasse76 Sweden
    30 Posts
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 6:18 AM

    Support, support. Hope, hope.

  • stevenharkin Ireland
    1,915 Posts
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 6:29 AM

    God loves a tri-er

    + 1


  • GARRYCARTER United Kingdom
    1,366 Posts
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 6:40 AM

    oh well i'm in but I'll be on to my bookmaker to get the odds I wish us luck.

    GC. :) SUPPORT!

  • scottishbloke United Kingdom
    1,276 Posts
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 6:57 AM

    count me in.would love to play it on here.

  • Pryke United Kingdom
    295 Posts
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 7:01 AM


  • sardono United States
    114 Posts
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 7:12 AM

    Would love to play it here.


  • mmikkeelee United Kingdom
    591 Posts
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 7:27 AM

    would be the best course ever on wgt i support 100%