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Mon, Mar 2 2009 1:44 AM by tomab. 10 replies.
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  • mwb5010 United States
    33 Posts
    Sun, Feb 8 2009 2:03 PM

    Ive played golf since I was 9, Im 23 now, and even when I was 9 I could hit it further than 225 with my driver.  How about more tees and a way to increase your abilities, especially distance which i feel is very unrealistic to the average golfer.  So i guess my suggestion would be some sort of attribute point system for increasing your abilities.

  • tomab Norway
    405 Posts
    Mon, Feb 9 2009 2:35 PM

    Yes, espesially when you play from white tee the distance 225 with driver is a bit short.

  • nivlac United States
    2,188 Posts
    Mon, Feb 9 2009 3:51 PM

    "Although definitive research is scarce, Golf Digest surveys show that the average golfer's driving distance increased from 193 to 205 yards in the last decade"

    The article is 6 years old but, if measured at that standard and adjusted slightly for the increase in technology I think the number would be right around 225.

    It's all relative.  You and I might hate playing at these distances because we're used to outdriving our playing partners on a consistent basis.  My father on the other hand would say it's spot on.

    I understand that we don't play video games to imitate "averageness", but you also need to consider that it's still BETA and we're a long way from the finished product.  New clubs (with longer yardages) are on the horizon so, we just have to sit tight a little longer.

    And so you have something to look forward to...

    This is from their Facebook page.  Yes, that is 285 on the TaylorMade driver yardage. I can't guarantee the picture's accuracy, but it's enough to speculate on. :D

  • DaltonGa United States
    6 Posts
    Mon, Feb 9 2009 4:15 PM


    I don't care what the distance is with a driver, what I care about is consistency! When I can hit a 3 wood on number 1& 3 hole further than a driver off the tee something is wrong. And I bet MWB5010 could hit a driver further than 225 yards when he was 9. I have drove past a par 4 from the tee many times and put my 2nd. shot on the green on a par 5.
    Wind has a mind of its on with this game. Stroke play on # 4 is the worst but all are inconsistent. If these things were fixed it would be a hell of a came. I do give WGT credit for their effort and for the graphics! 
    1. Fix distance with clubs
    2. fix wind variances make them consistent, if we hit the ball with the wind blowing left at 6 MPH and hit it perfect it should not go right 40 feet!
    3. fix putting, some times it works ok and at others it just sucks! 1/2 inch on the meter can put past the hole by 4 feet and I am not talking about downhill and the wind blowing 70 MPGH>
    fix these things and I will become a paying customer!
  • BiRdyKiNg United States
    30 Posts
    Mon, Feb 9 2009 5:40 PM


    first is beta....

    I do agree sometimes things seem a little off but its prolly more you than the game tbh......if ppl are averaging 4 an 5 under a round at the current "tips" then game is prolly just fine.  Don't tell me in real golf you never thought to yourself....."wow, that felt good" only to be disappointed with the results.....same should apply here...there needs some bit of randomness even when you felt you hit it just perfect.   greens however shouldn't have any in life....ya smack it for show....putt for doe.  

    As for me it really doesn't long as its scaled what if i hit a drive 280yds if second shots end up being about the same, meaning the tees would need to be moved back. 

  • mwb5010 United States
    33 Posts
    Mon, Feb 9 2009 5:59 PM

    the only holes it bothers me on is 3 and 9, where you cannot fly any iron onto the green, and are forced to run one up from 170 yards.  where if distances were more proportional, even if the tees were moved back I would be hitting 7 or 8 iron in instead of a long iron.  and nivlac regarding average distance.  if we factor in that 80% of ppl over 60 play golf, that would really decrease the average.  but i am excited by the pic you found, hopefully more courses and club selections become available very soon, before ppl start to lose interest.

  • Thetruth67 United States
    158 Posts
    Tue, Feb 10 2009 9:31 AM


    New clubs and double digit winds will certainly make things interesting.

  • majorwoods United States
    9 Posts
    Tue, Feb 17 2009 12:48 PM

     I agree with the double digit winds. I would love to play with some friends and have an option to turn up the wind or add some rain, just to make things more interesting.

  • TitleistPro United States
    94 Posts
    Tue, Feb 17 2009 1:10 PM

    Well to answer the #3 and #9 holes first, Kiawah was designed to be a links style course.  That actually means you are supposed to approach the green with a run up shot, not fly it in as 98% of the golf Course in America are designed.

    This IS a great game and I am excited about the back nine, the coming of newer clubs and new things to learn and try.

    As for the wind having a mind of its own.....I hardly think that is the case.  Having played for over 15 years in Texas, I know a thing or two about playing in the wind. The 1-6 mph to me seem to be percentages.  

    Trust me you can in real life hit a shot into a 20 mph wind that can go 20 short or 10 long depending on how pure the shot is hit.

    Ben Hogan used to say that a perfectly struck shot is not affected by the wind.  I have not hit that many PERFECT shots, but, it is true.


    God Bless and good luck, 


  • JasonDurham United States
    216 Posts
    Wed, Feb 18 2009 4:02 PM

     Just fix the damm putting PLEASE

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