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hi there n thnk you

Thu, Dec 17 2009 3:51 PM by chipshotcharlie. 1 replies.
  • theshortdriver Canada
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    Thu, Dec 17 2009 11:56 AM

    I am so very glad somrthing has been done with players that constantly quit ..that i now see a rateing system and is easy now  to see who quits and who don'..I can now tell the players who are the quitters  based on their percentage..I just played a player at 20 percent.rating and.he did not last first hole..these players that are low on percentage are... in a way like tiger woods and no one to blame but themselves for their status..(playerswill not play quitters)...great job wgt and ty so much for doing this.. as I had not thought of this way to adress this huge problem..but u did and  I  like it very much... only way players to get rating  back not quit

  • chipshotcharlie Australia
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    Thu, Dec 17 2009 3:51 PM

    problem is if ur the guy who doesnt quit you have to finish the game buy your self this sux as i play multiplayer to play with others not by my self.this needs to be done in a different manner

    merry cristmas chippy