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CC Tournament Options

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Fri, Jul 3 2020 6:47 AM by BPeterson8256. 0 replies.
  • BPeterson8256 United States
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    Fri, Jul 3 2020 6:47 AM

    1) Closest To The Pin It would be cool to be able to set one hole of the CC tournament for a CTTP contest, and to have it automatically tracked.

    2) Longest Putt This is a stat that is already recorded for each round in our stats. It would be fun to have the option to have that stat tracked automatically, including the player and the hole where the longest putt was made in a CC tournament.

    3) Invitational Option With the new invitational option they are working on for PCEA, I hope this option becomes available to country clubs as well. It would be a fun option for series tournaments, or for possible "champions/winner" tournaments, where you only wanted previous winners to play.

    4) Handicap Average Make an option to track the average of selected tournaments for the purpose of handicaps. Other options could include how many rounds to average, most recent rounds to average, and a way to reset the tracker.

    5) CC Chat Room I just read the post about CC Chat Rooms, and wanted to add that to my wish list for Country Clubs.

    As I have become more active in my CC, I can see all the issues involved with trying to keep a country club relevant. Having options to create some fun activities could help.

    Cheers Brett