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My Wish List

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Thu, Jul 2 2020 11:42 AM by AZWillieB. 0 replies.
  • AZWillieB United States
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    Thu, Jul 2 2020 11:42 AM

    I started playing the Early Access version of the game about two months ago.  Here are some things I have noticed that seem well within the existing technology to fix, some just an algotrithmic flip of a switch.  I call it my 'wish' list:

    I wish I had more control of the camera angles ... perhaps the ability to select any camera view prior to a shot and have the angle remain constant throughout. 

    I wish the Toptracer and the graphic of the entire hole weren't superimposed.  When I started playing the Early Access version, Toptracer popped up in the very center of the screen, then moved to the right-hand side where it is mostly above, but sometimes obstructed by, the hole overview on longer holes.  There's plenty more real estate that's not being used around the periphery of the window ... And, yes, I know I can move it but why is that necessary?

    When putting, I wish the Greenview button was right above the button for changing cameras ... would make a much easier transition between the views ...

    I wish my avatar didn't stand directly between me and my ball while my ball is still rolling on the green ... or elsewhere on the course for that matter.

    I wish the Toptracer, Hole Overview, Mulligan Marker, and my ball, weren't all in the same spot while the other 95% of the window showed nothing useful! (Royal St. George's, 2nd shot from fwy)

    I wish when I'm practicing and take time to set up a shot, take the shot and decide to take a mulligan, I didn't have to set the shot up all over again ... aim-direction, spin, club used, etc.

    I wish I could see the distance from the aiming marker to the hole on long shots ... subtraction is such a nuisance ...

    I wish it was possible to 'borrow' a driver, other woods, hybrids, etc. just to hit a few times on a driving range with no wind before I spend money on it ... 

    I wish I could see stats for each of my individual clubs after a round ...


    Other players of the Early Access version, please keep this thread going.  What is on your wish list?