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2020 Andyson Memorial V sign up

Wed, Aug 12 2020 8:47 PM by Shedlite. 125 replies.
  • Shedlite United States
    777 Posts
    Wed, Jul 1 2020 8:00 PM

    Signed up thus far:  MP=58 SP=59

    # Flag Signed Up Tier Elim Strk
    1 United States Shedlite TL in in
    2 United States GARYK49 TL in in
    3 Australia TIEWAZ L in in
    4 Australia alanti C xx in
    5 Australia zx05fm C in in
    6 United Kingdom Miokontic TL in in
    7 United Kingdom corbyph   
    L in in
    8 United Kingdom PaulTon TL in xx
    9 United Kingdom amateur4sure TC in in
    10 United States borntobesting C xx in
    11 Luxembourg RogerRR L in in
    12 United States woogster L in in
    13 United States DufferJohn7 TL in in
    14 United States drmoose L in in
    15 United Kingdom thegoosebag TC in in
    16 Canada TdotDoba TC in in
    17 United States Next260 L in in
    18 United States lonniescott711 C xx in
    19 United States Ranger1988 TL in in
    20 United States txzdave L xx in
    21 Canada Leggoman13 TL in in
    22 United States K7JBQ TL in in
    23 United States Donaldkey8798 TC in in
    24 United States wleiss C in in
    25 India carlosdev TC in xx
    26 United Kingdom Borat74 TC in in
    27 Ireland Kilcourse1975 TC in in
    28 Ireland akatiger74 TL in in
    29 United States Chris1973M C xx in
    30 United Kingdom Connorjwebb123 TC xx in
    31 Spain palopolante C in in
    32 United States NicNac19 TL in in
    33 United States Howeee1 C in in
    34 United States pbd1 L in in
    35 United States Claremoreblue TC in in
    36 Spain Giraldin TC in in
    37 Spain toni2245 TL in in
    38 United States Berryman TC in in
    39 United States twinponds169 TC in in
    40 Spain WUISENRIKE TL in in
    41 United States pmm711 C in in
    42 United Kingdom Phippo20040 C in in
    43 Australia bluey403 TC in in
    44 United States BigKnight TC in in
    45 United States STICKY63 C in in
    46 United States dacrash TL in in
    47 United Kingdom dekronk TL in in
    48 Ireland des1111 C in in
    49 United States overtheedge L in in
    50 United States YancyCan TM in in
    51 Australia Breezybaby1811 L xx in
    52 United States WickedWoman TL in xx
    53 United States SamSpade TL in in
    54 Canada pase4win
    in xx
    55 Slovenia AnaNikoloj TC in xx
    56 Canada Wutpa C in in
    57 Ireland OneKeano TC in xx
    58 United States biggunky L in in
    59 United States gorilamike TC in in
    60 United Kingdom newcastleb C in in
    61 Australia almancini M in in
    62 United States Foooze C in in
    63 United States dandycap TC in in
    64 Rossembo TC in in
    65 United States KHarmon5 TC in in

































    Welcome to the 2020 Andyson Memorial Sign up, If you wish to sign up please state wether you want to play stroke play tournament, Match play tournament, or both

    This year will be the same as last, First phase(Qualifier) will consist of  2 18 hole stroke  play rounds played over 2 weeks (one each week). This will be a scored/ranked round not practice nor a CC Tournament or a WGT tournament. Qualifier will start August 1st. Play with other or play alone first score counts that shows in play history that matches required game. Post score in Andyson Memorial Qualifier Scores. Scores won't count till verified. Both rounds must be played to be eligible for second phase.

    Second phase consists of 2 tournaments run side by side, a Match Play and a Stroke Play. The Match play will be a 64 person single elimination played 1 round every 2 weeks. The players will be the top score plus ties during qualifier for each tier group and then a random pick from remaining to fill in the rest (of those that chose to enter Match play). The stroke play will be all those that complete qualifier (and chose to play stroke play tournament) Each round will last 10 day and only the top half plus ties will advance to next round.

    when signing up please say which tournament(s) you want to play example

    I'm in for stroke only or I'm in for Match only, or I'm in for both (regardless of choice qualifiers must be played to be eligible)



  • Shedlite United States
    777 Posts
    Wed, Jul 1 2020 8:01 PM

    Of course I'm in for both :o)

  • garyk49 United States
    1,682 Posts
    Wed, Jul 1 2020 8:20 PM

    put me down for both please.

  • Tiewaz Australia
    891 Posts
    Wed, Jul 1 2020 8:24 PM

    G'day Bill,

    Thanks for committing your time & efforts into running Andy's Memorial again this year mate....It's been a very well organised tournament & a pleasure to participate in.....

    I'm in for both...



  • txzdave United States
    1,313 Posts
    Wed, Jul 1 2020 11:05 PM


              Roland Poland declines as he is in a sticky situation.

           Umm..... Harley is in a burly situation so layin' low is that program. 

        Ahhh…..Tight circles.....Friends...…

                             Trust it. Wanna know more?           I do too.

              do too looks as fun as it sounds. doesn't it?

                       Whate'r…...I dig You.



  • alanti Australia
    10,537 Posts
    Thu, Jul 2 2020 12:25 AM

    Count me in for the stroke play only.

    Due to the demise of flash, this will be my last Andyson Memorial and it has been an honour to play in all of them so far, so I will not miss out.

    Thanks for organising this again Bill.

    I will dust off my clubs 

  • xz05fm Australia
    1,405 Posts
    Thu, Jul 2 2020 2:41 AM

    Enjoyed last years tournament so put me down for both this year.



  • MioKontic United Kingdom
    3,737 Posts
    Thu, Jul 2 2020 2:55 AM

    Please count me in for both.

    This could be my last Andyson Memorial too if the flash version goes for good as I am not a fan of the cartoon version of this game that the makers seem insistent on deploying.

  • corbyph United Kingdom
    73 Posts
    Thu, Jul 2 2020 4:50 AM

    Looking forward to playing for the first time so please put me down for both if thats OK.


  • PaulTon United Kingdom
    10,730 Posts
    Thu, Jul 2 2020 6:02 AM


    If you've got room Id like to get my rusty Nike irons out and hang with you guys.

    Qualifiers and then (who am I kidding?!) matchplay only.