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More Selection Needed

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Wed, May 27 2020 3:21 PM by callaghan159. 1 replies.
  • iMac77 Canada
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    Tue, May 26 2020 6:13 PM

    OK guys, now that you've made us all watch these ads, and I'm sure you're getting paid a tidy sum for them, how about you guys step up with the following:

    1) new courses please, time for at least 2. Why can't we play match play on Cabo or Whistler? or Alternate for that matter?

    2) why can't I ditch my 3 & 4 iron and add a hybrid and a 4th wedge? This should be a no brainer, just make it happen.

    3) why does the mobile app get all the fun apparel, and stuff? port it the Mac and PC please.

    4)  please change the method of setting what tier can play in any given game. Currently it sets the low tier, when in fact it should be the top. By example, I am a Tour Master. So if I set up a game, I don't want to invite Legends and above. I want the same as me or lower. Just change it.

    5) when I set up a game I want to be able to adjust the wind and the green speeds just like in a practice round. All you guys do is ramp up the stimp and add a bunch of break, which quite frankly takes away from the game and makes it no damn fun.



  • callaghan159 Canada
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    Wed, May 27 2020 3:21 PM

    Done, just for you.