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Shamrock Showdown Bug played 3 holes for me @ +3

Sun, Mar 22 2020 10:49 AM by BHenke2. 14 replies.
  • rmlansky United States
    1 Posts
    Mon, Mar 16 2020 11:36 AM

    I just finished my first 3 holes of the showdown at -3, but my scorecard shows three holes already played at +3, making my cumulative score even and placing me at 75th, which is a pretty deep hole.  Has this happened to anyone else?  Would appreciate someone helping if at all possible

  • TopShelf2010 United States
    9,509 Posts
    Mon, Mar 16 2020 3:04 PM


  • QuotaRelief United States
    90 Posts
    Mon, Mar 16 2020 4:01 PM

    Same thing just happened to me!  I went -1 in my first 3, but the system has me at +2 after 6 holes.  It basically thought my -1 was on holes 3-6, and had already given me bogies on holes 1, 2, and 3!  At least I am only playing in Rookie bracket so entry fee was small.

  • DavStan United States
    220 Posts
    Mon, Mar 16 2020 6:52 PM

    I accidently joined the rookie showdown, I was going to enter the veteran or the expert. I hadn't decided  which one yet. I don't want to even play the rookie one, not that I would win but I would feel guilty being that its for lowered level players!

  • SimonTheBeetle Canada
    1,176 Posts
    Mon, Mar 16 2020 8:13 PM

    The same issue over and over, showdown after showdown since the beginning!

    How can a company even think about hosting this kind of event without fixing the problem(s) associated with?? This is absurd! Business ethics is completely disregarded in this house. Very disappointed by the company, its policies & management.

  • Jack25926 Germany
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    Tue, Mar 17 2020 12:53 AM

    If you miss the cut you can enter again and play veteran or whatever second time around.

  • Mythanatos United States
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    Tue, Mar 17 2020 10:10 AM

    This is either caused by entering a room and then cancelling our or losing connection. OR your opponent cancels out on the first tee before you can hit a shot. 

    Once you hit the first shot if the other person quits you will be allowed to finish.

    General rule: NEVER cancel out of a round that you initiate for a showdown. If the game matches you up right before you cancel and you don't get the notification yet due to lag it will give you three bogeys.


  • Dhumavati80 Canada
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    Fri, Mar 20 2020 5:37 AM

    I had this happen to me last night as well, but the 3 bogies ended up being a visual glitch and didn't actually factor into my totals. 

  • Dbocho United States
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    Fri, Mar 20 2020 4:01 PM

    I had a player forfeit on me twice.

    First time he forfeited halfway through the third hole.  
    options were cancel or retry - clicking retry several times do nothing, so I hit cancel, which rewarded me with a bogey, when I had a short pitch to the green for my second.

    so frustrating.

    second time opponent forfeited when I had an easy birdie putt first hole - this time I didn’t hit cancel, but with hitting retry not working I tried just turning my mobile on and off - nope - I was back to start of my 13th hole like it never existed.

    cmon wgt

  • Borat74 United Kingdom
    1,907 Posts
    Sat, Mar 21 2020 12:44 PM

    2nd time i played this bud and i guarantee it will be the last,its an absolute farce,putts seem dodgy as do the approaches,ended up with Chambers,Erin,Oly par 3s,then pebble and andies in hurricane winds and wolfie where bird was a tough task.

    Is it like this on every showdown???

    You then got M,s and TM,s wiping you out,will be swerving this end of.