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How to find a group of people to play and talk to

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Wed, Mar 11 2020 7:22 PM by DDeRose. 11 replies.
  • DonCaron United States
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    Sat, Feb 29 2020 7:00 AM


    Hey guys ive had this game since 2015, just now getting into it and have never had a group of people to play and chat with about the game. I would like to start playing match play and get more involved in CC events. Didnt know where I should really look all I do really is play ranked stroke play and some RG's. Thanks

    You picked a great club to join. Congratulations.

    All great clubs on this post.


  • DDeRose United States
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    Wed, Mar 11 2020 7:22 PM

    Hiyas we are a group of people, about 8 of us, that play every night doing a season of golf on Discord. We just finished our blitz, Ryder cup and doing an Olympics next. We have a cool score card and do handicaps so it all likes really good. We are on at 8:30 pm E.S.T and usually play a match or two before ten or so. Feel free to message me if you are interesting in joining us. We are all in different CC's so now joining required in that aspect.