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CC Tournement not giving credit prizes

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Mon, Mar 2 2020 11:15 PM by Aidansnell. 3 replies.
  • Aidansnell United Kingdom
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    Sat, Feb 22 2020 10:59 PM

    I setup a few of the tourneys for our small Country Club. The CTTH attract just a few stalwarts to compete for small prize so 5CR entry fee. 

    Noticed one where the prize credits didn't get awarded even weeks after the competition closed.  Purse is small so its not so much the credits that worry me, as I created the tourney I am embarrassed if things go wrong.

    Had a long email exchange with WGT who finally acknowledged the issue and posted a credit adjustment to the 3 winners.  Prizes don't show on the past tournament either on iPad or PC. No "Get your prize from Vegas Tour Wolf Creek Prize" type email so winners dont get to know they won.

    WGT aren't showing an interest in this as a bug though, so wondered if others experience the same issue?  I can imagine, from the initial responses I get from WGT, that not many would pursue this.  So if you have experienced something like this please respond here.

    If it was a oneoff glitch I should drop it.  If its some criteria like minimum purse I can up entry fees to avoid that.  If its a common problem I can persist with my emails to WGT - joy!

    Thanks, Aidan

  • Aidansnell United Kingdom
    103 Posts
    Fri, Feb 28 2020 7:51 PM

    Another CC CTTH Tourney finished today, again small purse 44CR 5 CR entry. Paid out immediately on completion. So that and the fact that nobody else reported this issue on forum suggests earlier problem was a one off glitch. If anyone does notice non payouts on Country Club tourney please mention it here as well as WGT support.

  • DoctorLarry United States
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    Mon, Mar 2 2020 4:24 PM

    Our CC has had this problem on a couple of tournaments lately.  I was not the creator, but the creator and CC owner contacted WGT numerous times before they made a correction.  I don't think WGT gave an explanation - but I was not in the exchanges.

  • Aidansnell United Kingdom
    103 Posts
    Mon, Mar 2 2020 11:15 PM

    Thanks DoctorLarry.  Useful to know.

    I can certainly relate to "contacted WGT numerous times before they made a correction.  I don't think WGT gave an explanation"

    The Bushwackers right?  So you guys would have a little more clout than us.  If they have any details like whether, like my tourney, it was CTTH and small purse that might all help to identify scenario where it goes wrong. 

    Checked a few other recent tourneys in our club and didn't find any others with this problem - so its not common.

    Any other CC's experienced this recently?