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Players playing in Rounds where the host has blocked them

Tue, Jan 28 2020 3:50 PM by theshortdriver. 0 replies.
  • theshortdriver Canada
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    Tue, Jan 28 2020 3:50 PM

     I think all or most all player's know that there are many Quitters on here..but  there is a Forfeit feature that was put in all rounds to quit the right way..but a lot of players will take their shot first..then decide to quit..when they have a bad shot...but if you take the shot cannot forfeit on that shot no more..not until your next shot comes up..but many do not and will not wait till their next turn..because they are so ticked at having hit a bad shot or maybe one or two minutes is just to long to wait for their next turn so many quitter's just click ...X...and that is so much the wrong way to quit the ...X...icon should only be used to reset the round if say an error occurs like a slow load over and over or a meter jumps over and over and a reset will most likely fix them for that round only..but not for the next have to clear the cookies to make it stick for your next one likes a quitter but I think player's dislike them a whole lot more when they just click the ...X...then do not bother to return and they make everyone in that golf round wait on them and as far as they know they think the player just reset the round and is going to rejoin... but many that are Quitters will not rejoin..and that is being very ignorant if you do it that way...many players will put those quitters on their blocked list..but yet that player is still entittled to join that hosts created round if he or she choose's..and unless the host with that player on his or her block list remembers that name.

    They can slip thru and play that round..just to possibly quit all over again...anbd most do not want the quitter from before joining their rounds...after all they were put on the list for a reason...they quit over and over and over and do not care about nothing...I would really like to see a thing put in place and I know it could be have the letter ..B..beside the name of the player who joins that hosts round if he or she is on his or her blocked list but only the host be able to see this letter,that way he or she knows a person on their list has joined and they can either let them play ..or boot them from the round same as they can now before it starts but this way at least that host knows one or more on their list is trying to play in the round..this may also stop a lot from quitting as if a lot of hosts booted them if they are on their list..eventually they would have no more rounds to freely join..and may decide to not quit the rounds that they if you are going to quit..go through the menu and use the forfeit method and even if ya take your shot first..wait till your next one if ya still want to quit...Then forfeit the round and no one waits on the quitter if its done that way and to me its not being rude if ya quit that way as stuff happens and some have to quit rounds for many different reasons..take care and have fun..but remember if your qoing to... QUIT...please...FORFEIT