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It's that time of year. Got any money left?

Wed, Jul 8 2020 11:30 PM by pdb1. 27 replies.
  • BogeyOne United States
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    Mon, Dec 23 2019 11:44 AM


  • lonniescott711 United States
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    Mon, Dec 23 2019 12:12 PM

    Nah everytime that I get some money I spend it . So now I`m not allowed to have money any more . The last time I had some it spoke to me . It said hello and good bye . Merry Christmas may the season bless you and your family well . :-) 

  • Luckystar5 United States
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    Mon, Dec 23 2019 12:15 PM

    Nope,  wgt put a big crimp in my gifting this year.    merry Christmas and Happy new year is the best  I can do.   

  • ct690911 Canada
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    Mon, Dec 23 2019 1:23 PM

    My credit card is so beat up, it's filing a police of the season to all.


  • callaghan159 Canada
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    Mon, Dec 23 2019 2:57 PM

    Still using my ex wife's card. She must have noticed by now. 

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • goldeena Thailand
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    Mon, Dec 23 2019 3:50 PM

    Last August I had a sum total of  915 credits in my account, but when it seemed unlikely anybody was ever going to gift me the things I wanted for Christmas......


    I got good.


    And now........



    That's because I've got money now, and money is all you need.



    When you have money you don't need anyone else.



    I can't do watching adverts e.t.c. because of my personal circumstances - the only road I had out of my situation, and still have is to earn it in competition.


    and on and on it goes.....


    Now I don't have to appeal to anybodies better nature.




    She got the money....


    mommi got the money in 2019 :-)


    I chose not to gift anyone else during the 12 days of christmas in favour of keeping all my money to myself instead, I did go on record last year as saying I would love to have earned enough credits to be a santa this year, here's that quote from me at that time.....


    "And thank you to every Santa out there who has shown unbelievable generosity - my goal for next Christmas is to have advanced so much with my game and earned so much money from the RG's that I become a Santa too!!! 

    - deena quote, 2018.


    .......and indeed all those things did transpire beyond my wildest dreams, but due to my treatment since I decided they weren't worth it, they wouldn't have gifted me anything this year and in return I gifted them nothing back :-) smugs :-) and wasn't it meagre this year too.

    And before you call me mean - why didn't the top tier get involved more? Y'know those few who have ridiculous amounts of winnings that span years and years - those who make my 12K look like tadpoles in a swimming pool. No because their attitude is 'look after number one', some of them even have the indecency to be competing in those 25 credit RG's which to my mind were deliberately set up to allow others to win something back, winnings not worth a sniff-in by the top set, but that hasn't stopped them and I think anybody with masses and masses of credits taking out of the 25 credit (and even less!!!), tournies is absolutely dire and pathetic. I am not even at a level that would see me fit to compete in the open tier anyway so its not because they have taken anything from me - and I would like to see them try, I would kick their sorry brasses these days, lololos - it's just greedy, selfish and PATHETIC, AND THEY MAKE ME PUKE!!!

    I shall instead be gifting members of my own clash club on new years day  before our world tour starts (more on that later :-)


    Let's have a look at some of the other things I've got....

    (you can keep your golden putter - the F22 is priceless, i.e. not for sale at any price ;-) 


    Calibrated see-click...

    I have some very interesting new ideas on this - voice recognition to trigger a left mouse click anyone?? Believe it I am working on some incredible new ideas, using sound is just 1 of a number of innovations coming next year, including new methods to overcome variable speed meterbars by splitting cali see-click in to sections and using a push-pull technique.


    The quantized break and advanced measurement techniques....

    I bet you are thinking that because the grid does not run parallel to those construction lines that my measurements will be in error don't you - THINK AGAIN!!! We have 'advanced measurement techniques' is what I said, and they take care of EVERYTHING!!!


    B-2 Spirit for the PC_mobile in 2020??

    hmmmm, i seriously doubt that, but that's not a flat no anymore - you know how I like having things after all, except for friends and who needs those these days? After all, they all turned in to cyborgs and live on their i-phones - 'peopleborgs' are not capable of friendship nor love anymore, so it's always best to have money instead.


    None of the things I have worked so hard for would ever be shared - they're just for me really, including my money. And it's so so nice to have the last laugh over the 12 days of Christmas - nothing beats earning it for yourself, well one thing beats it, and that is to say "I got the money, I don't need you or anyone else", and THAT was the thing that kept me motivated for all those weeks of extra intense be able to stand here, today, flash my money and everything else and say I DON'T NEED YOU, LOOK WHAT I'VE GOT. And that's the best Christmas present I have ever had in my life, LOOK AT ME AND MY MONEY AND EVERYTHING ELSE - THEY'RE ALL MINE AND YOU CAN'T HAVE THOSE :-))))))))





    A very special tribute on Christmas day 2020, I present the full catalogue of La-Ferrari from its very humble beginnings indeed to the present day GOLIATH and first true Hyper predictor of its kind for WGT Golf.

    My son - hasn't he grown, you wouldn't mess with him now!!!!


    An absolute treasure - full tribute and evolution of La-Ferrari, hyper predictor for WGT Golf.


    Happy Christmas day 2019,

    I love you my baby, more than any people - you're perfect in every way and never let me down!!!

    Mommi XXx.


    We might start calling him Dorian after Dorian Yates ^^^^ HE'S A BIG BOY NOW!!!


     I want to finish this beautiful post talking more about the future of Laffer.

     The thing that occurred to me was that using exactly the same methodology as used to bring about the multi-wood option, well that could be applied within the infrastructure of Laffer to account of any high lofted club set!! As I have said previously - Laffer is over-engineered and it's infrastructure is vaster than what it is actually used for (snead-linear for instance - I play it as a linear grid now because the split doesn't exist, it's one of the biggest myths in the game. BUT that snead-linear section down there in yellow orange and brown can split that first square not in to 2 but in to 3!!! different sections each having its own scale, then recombine them and present them as a simple linear 20 increment scale answer!!!!! The engineering to do that is incredibly mind-bogglingly tantalizingly aloof and complex and is one of, if not my finest technical accomplishment within the hyper-predictor.

    But as I say, the structure is already in place to implement universal limits for any high-lofted club set and whatever those club ranges might be - I could implement that very straight forward and even apply any extra club compensations across those operational ranges, though the individual iron operational range doesn't tend to need any extra compen. (not with the RSi or Rogues anyway), but could be implemented if needed for, let's say the level 85 Apex's because the infr5astructure and know how is already there!!


    I would consider (well I would have to do it), if I ever went for a B-set of irons that I intended to use for A-spec play, and I am indeed considering those level 85 Apex irons as a second set because they offer some nice alternatives (especially the 115 yard pitching wedge, that would release my dedicated 115 yard wedge to be replaced with 'something else' in the bag and that opens up a whole new tier of interest, possibility and enjoyment to my game).


    We will see if I get that far before the flash game comes to an end, of course if I wanted to carry on playing I would have to release the B-2 spirit in 2020 (Laffer converted to the mobile physics, it won't be too difficult, just take some time to shrink wrap Laffer around the new physics).




    You can have all the money in the world but you can't have this one - not for sale at any price. I have always, and will always demand respect for my intellect, no matter what your opinion..... your biggoted western hard-wiring says..... I demand respect for my intellect and I never get it here, time and time I have to walk out, probably for the last time because I wash my hands with you people. You get everything you deserve as far as I'm concerned. Watch my scores go up in the new year because that's all Im really want and need here - the game, beautiful game of physics, the mathematics of god after all... long since hijacked and ruined by people like you.




    (have a blast).





  • billycash74 United States
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    Fri, Dec 27 2019 2:16 AM

    lot of words and pictures to say nothing. toot ya own horn often?

  • callaghan159 Canada
    4,552 Posts
    Fri, Dec 27 2019 3:08 AM

    I got the money

    Hate to burst your bubble, but you won credits not money.

    Christmas day 2020

    This day has not arrived yet. Should be here soon though.

  • callaghan159 Canada
    4,552 Posts
    Fri, Dec 27 2019 4:06 AM

    he next time you've not got enough credits and you want to buy a new piece of equipment...

    I have all the top equipment I need and 129,000 + credits in my WGT bank account.


    No they're money, they're credits . Take the credits you have and go buy yourself a real life car, not a picture that you like to post here. Let me know how you make out.

  • Luckystar5 United States
    1,511 Posts
    Fri, Dec 27 2019 5:59 AM

    sounds like someone is, either related, or married to a certain Henry ?  lol