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Hopefully this is only a bug, otherwise...

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Thu, Dec 5 2019 9:14 AM by fobby1980. 0 replies.
  • fobby1980 United States
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    Thu, Dec 5 2019 9:14 AM

    I just played a h2h with a Pro at Bethpage #4. He was struggling big-time, and when his 5th shot didn’t find the green, he quit. Not forfeited, because I was seeing the spinning wheels of despair. Now usually in the past I would have to wait around 45s, then the message “Waiting for player to reconnect” would appear, then it’s another 45s countdown before I was officially declared the winner. Today however the countdown is 1:45! I’m sincerely hoping that this is only a temporary mix-up or a bug, because if this is the way going forward it’s really messed up.