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Friends list

Thu, Dec 5 2019 2:39 AM by ScottHope. 6 replies.
  • ScottHope United Kingdom
    6,690 Posts
    Sun, Dec 1 2019 3:53 PM

    Is there a nice simple way to get ones friends into a list. I can do it, but it seems unnecessarily complicated. Am I missing something easier?

    Thank you. ; )

    EDIT : Took me 2min37secs to extract this lot...

    11BC2, 1969DodgeDartGT, 19cltc67, 1aceinthehole4, 2DAMFLASHY, 2questions, abalam4, akatiger74, akone12, alcaucin, Alex22x, alosso, amateur4sure, andyironhands, andyson, atleasticanputt, BADBAILEY44, BaggerBalls, balbo972, bery111, bg444out, billycash74, BillyMayfair, Birdyx99, blitz81, BMX123, BogeyOne, borntobesting, bubbsboy, carlosdev, Catesharkette2, CEverett12, Charlly92, Charlotte824, chrissi1980, cobojoe, craigswan, crmamx, cypressnut, Damo7474, DampandDusty, dandycap, darek2, December1, dedBuNNy, DH410, dhjam1, dinkydood, DoctorLarry, DodgyPutter, DonaldKey8798, DonCaron, drmoose, EasyEdward, ECambrils, el3n1, Emmami, enjaume, Essisdaddy, Ezzy123450, f1dget, fadduh, FarFoo, FButi1, Fencer100, Flatliner8, fmagnets, Foggymist, fourdude, Furkh, garyk49, garypinhunter, gdog8, Geahry1, gersman1972, gherkinhead1, giraldin, gladsome, GolfnFanatic, gonfission, Grish72, groverider1, HARRYBUNKER, HenryKawa, Hewsey, hpoks, IrmaLamy, jabonic, jacktrade51, JasCooper, JCoulter849, JDGHOST, jenwren, jerome148625, Jessica84, jessieBX01, JimbeauC, Jimbog1964, jimshaw39, Johnny426, Jrjjesse1, Kar99, KBishop5, KILLER52, kingman67, LETSPRETEND, lexmarkz33, LightsOut1120, LOLserver, lonnieskinner, luculusGHG125, Lute345, magnum727, MainzMan, malini4life, mantis0014, maoriand1, Marco129, MateopanshonGolf, mathia14, metsjik, MFuston, mikegil58, Mikeyperc, mkg335, MrAlfsyrinx, mrcaddie, MrFunnyWobbl, msulaman, Nedster260, newcastleb, NicNac19, oneeyedjohn, onekeano, opyeuclid, overtheedge, ozysouthpaw, Parstone, PatrickLeGrand, PAULFINN52, PaulHenderson64, pdb1, Pego1986, PenguinSkip, pepsieric1963, pipala, pmm711, PMortimore, pooped169, poppy0307, Priesum, PRO6143, PTrenter, RegisLDN, ri99, RockyMountain94, RoggRR, russellfahey, Salvador129, ScottL48, SEARAY27, SECTION9, SimonTheBeetle, skylarG01, soliderock1, spaceghost88, stevereilly, stevietwotimes, suertenotfound, Syxguns, TecheMan, Tigerpaw509, TNB2017, TopShelf2010, Tracy1st, treebeard, ttuna1234, TWOMINUSONE, UFCJohny, VatoWoods, vivian1234, weetabix7, whooshdangit, WHOSYOURCADDY4, why9, WigerToods2010, WillieSinkit, WinterHawk1951, Wofo23, Woodoworkery, WoodyJeep, wtiger22, YancyCan, YankeeJim, Yasch, Young46, ZioMio, zoutter

  • ScottHope United Kingdom
    6,690 Posts
    Wed, Dec 4 2019 1:50 PM

    Sometimes I guess I just can't see the obvious answer... and drag to select all your friends pictures, copy (ctrl + c), then paste into Notepad and you'll have a list of your friends. You'll have to repeat for each page of friends of course for a full list.

    Maybe you already knew that, maybe you didn't, but you do now.

    This is in Chrome by the way, may not work for other browsers.


  • alosso Germany
    19,814 Posts
    Wed, Dec 4 2019 10:15 PM


    Works like a charm in FF, too!

  • SimonTheBeetle Canada
    1,271 Posts
    Thu, Dec 5 2019 12:08 AM

    Wow! It also works on IE. Good to know! :-)

    Now just one question about the friend list...

    I actually have 90 friends in my list, but it says I have 93.

    I already contacted CS regarding the issue, but seems like they don't have time for this kind of tiny thing.

    Any solution / workaround to fix this?

  • ScottHope United Kingdom
    6,690 Posts
    Thu, Dec 5 2019 1:32 AM

    Thanks guys.

    I have a discrepancy on my numbers too. You can correct it two ways, the laborious way is by alphabetising the list, and then doing the same thing to your friends list in the flash box on the left, comparing the two, then adding in the missing friends manually.

    Or you can do it the technical way by looking into your browsers developer tools, finding an xml file, copying it into a code editor, then finish off by throwing a regular expression at it, that will give you a complete list.

    If anyone is interested as to how you get names from a list of pictures, here's how that works.

    An image, like everything else on a web page is an element, and an element can have attributes. One of the attributes that an image can have is an 'alt' attribute, this stands for alternative and has a text value. It is this text value that is displayed if the image cannot be loaded for any reason, and it is also read out by screen readers for partially sighted or blind users, as obviously screen readers are not clever enough to describe images, so if you create websites you should always use the alt attribute for a brief description of any images. Anyway, it is this text value that gets picked up when we copy our friends pictures and paste into Notepad.

  • SimonTheBeetle Canada
    1,271 Posts
    Thu, Dec 5 2019 2:24 AM

    Thanks, Scott. Precise as always! :-)

    I'm afraid my case is actually the opposite. I mean nobody's missing, everyone's there, all 90 of them, but why the number 93 displayed? That's the question.

    ↓↓↓ EDIT : Ah, I see! You know what? I'd never paid attention to that flash list on the left until you just made me so. LOL Thanks again. ↓↓↓

  • ScottHope United Kingdom
    6,690 Posts
    Thu, Dec 5 2019 2:39 AM

    Cheers Simon.

    Well, I would say it's because you have 93 friends. If you compare the list with the flash list (left) to find the missing 3, and go to their profile pages, you will see that, although they are not on the list you just created, they will have a remove friend button on their profile.

    Did that make any sense?  : )

    ⇧ EDIT : You're welcome. I don't like that flash list either, whenever I drag the scrollbar to look at something further down, it, more often than not, shoots back up before I've done what I wanted, lol. ⇧