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How tough is it to get a Full Set Bonus on mobile?

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Wed, Nov 20 2019 11:52 AM by BigInigoMontoya. 2 replies.
  • BigInigoMontoya United States
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    Mon, Nov 18 2019 12:06 AM

    99% of my WGT rounds are on the browser platform. But during those rare occasions when I have to go AFK I will still play a 3 hole round on my tablet to keep my XP bonus going. I thought that I might be able to get a Top Golf set bonus after getting a pair of ugly orange shorts the other day, but when I equipped Top Golf in all slots I did not see a set bonus. Im still fairly new to WGT Mobile so maybe I'm just not understanding how set bonuses work?

    I do have enough credits stored up to purchase some  Platinum apparel packs, but if it wont get me any closer to a Full Set Bonus - or if the Full Set Bonus would be negligable even if I do get it - then I would rather just save my credits for a better value.  I just hit 96 so I will be getting a new Sub Zero and even though 97 is a long ways away I'd like to grab the Rogues if they are still available when I get there. I do love my RTXs but now that I look at the stats I think the Mill Grinders could give them a serious run for their money, if you can adjust to the change in distance that is.

  • Infyniti United States
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    Mon, Nov 18 2019 10:46 AM

    All the pieces must be the same order to get a set bonus.

    So must all be either common/rare/or epic to get the bonuses.

    there are only really two bonuses that are even semi worthwhile to use.

    TG and SE. 

    and their are  some negatives to both.

    Very few Bellagio players play with any kind of set bonus in play. 


    Also all pieces must be at least level 4.


    Hit the circled i where it says set bonus pn any one piece to see the details.


    as to how long it takes. at the most a week to get all common pieces in a group to level 4.


    Also apparel packs are totally random. You can't choose what sponsor the points go into.





  • BigInigoMontoya United States
    208 Posts
    Wed, Nov 20 2019 11:52 AM

    So I was able to level up most of my Top Golf gear in the past couple days.  I just need 6 more points on the shoes to go to level 4, and 2 more points on the knickers. The hat, glove, and shirt are at level 4 already.

    And right now 100% of my games take place in Chelsea or Paris so I wont even have to worry about the high coin rooms. I have enough trouble not losing in the small coin rooms as it is lol.