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what would you do ?

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Thu, Oct 24 2019 1:16 PM by andwhy67. 16 replies.
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  • adaputter United Kingdom
    1,930 Posts
    Wed, Oct 23 2019 7:05 PM

    if you lost 44,000 credits in 1 hole would you be mad or just carry on playing game?

    i know i would be very mad 


  • kipdog87
    1,816 Posts
    Wed, Oct 23 2019 7:48 PM

    You should not play what you cannot afford to lose, old school rules.


  • MarchieB Canada
    616 Posts
    Wed, Oct 23 2019 9:07 PM

    How do you lose “credits” in one hole?? 
    Are you referring to the “Coins” used in head to head matches??
    There’s a huge difference
    - 44,000 “credits” = $560
    - 44,000 “coins” = $8.80

  • twinponds169 United States
    2,098 Posts
    Wed, Oct 23 2019 10:24 PM

    Ya just have to hunker down and watch 22,000 more videos......

  • fatdan United States
    3,378 Posts
    Wed, Oct 23 2019 11:03 PM


    - 44,000 “credits” = $560

    Is that what 44,000 credits cost you in Canadian money?

    The only way to lose that many coins in 1 hole is playing high stakes skins, and somebody won the hole after several tied holes...that I know of anyway.


  • JDGHOST United States
    3,630 Posts
    Thu, Oct 24 2019 1:49 AM

    Has to be "coins" I don't play mobile but you CANT lose 44,000 credits in any format... surely not in 1 hole.....If was referring to losing a head to head match on the final hole... Correct me if I'm wrong but you cant wager anywhere near that amount of credits???

  • bossbird France
    652 Posts
    Thu, Oct 24 2019 1:59 AM

    I have always played mobile , and it has taken me years to become comfortable with the thought of losing coins in the head to head coin rooms. I only play in the larger coin rooms when I am trying to win turf war , otherwise for my apparel upgrades I stay in Chelsea which is only a stake of 500 coins. It’s true that i put myself  under more pressure if I am in a higher stake room , but the game is the same in Chelsea or Tokyo , a one hole shoot out. 

  • craigswan United Kingdom
    16,992 Posts
    Thu, Oct 24 2019 3:20 AM

    I used to take a newspaper with me to the toilet .

    but since i gave them up

    I bought an i-pad and play mobile in there .

    I play chelsea for 900 coins .

    Have to laugh as i am down as a hack and these tour pro's cannot understand why i beat them .

    Their comments are hilarious .

    Image result for toilet gifs

  • SimonTheBeetle Canada
    1,324 Posts
    Thu, Oct 24 2019 3:43 AM


    Image result for toilet gifs

    This must be the most "dicey & jittery" gif I've ever seen.

  • HackWilson1930 United States
    1,346 Posts
    Thu, Oct 24 2019 5:03 AM

    A match play challenge can be done for up to 4000 credits.

    A skins game can place a value of up 400 credits per skin. An 18 hole skins game with 4 persons at 400 credits per skin thus totals 28,800 credits up for grabs.

    I can find no indication of how many credits can be put up for a hole in one challenge. I do note that Tarheelfan83 won 12,000 credits for a hole in one.

    Private challenges can't be controlled or guaranteed since they are outside the rules and regulations.

    Therefore,I will never know how I would feel about losing 44,000 credits on one hole. The question can't be answered by anyone playing within the rules.

    ( I do like to answer questions as actually asked even though the questions, in question, have major flaws.)

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