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Come and be a Las Vegas Knight.

Sat, Jun 6 2020 7:31 AM by Wutpa. 38 replies.
  • fravel South Africa
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    Mon, Feb 10 2020 10:37 AM

  • fravel South Africa
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    Wed, Feb 12 2020 8:27 PM

    Jump in,                .I will take you to the clubhouse 



    .                                          ./Driving Golf Cart

  • 1963Bubba Germany
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    Fri, Feb 28 2020 2:38 AM


  • Wutpa Canada
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    Tue, Mar 31 2020 1:14 PM

    Now is a great time to come and join the Las Vegas Knights!

    • An entire season of club competitions
    • Friendly, good-humoured, drama-free environment
    • Small but perfectly formed club
    • No requirement to play Clash or Turf Wars, but you can if you want
    • Excellent handicap system in place to give everyone a chance to win tourneys
    • TM and above preferred (just for balance)
    • Club website: Las Vegas Knights CC.
    • All new members get FREE DRINKS FOR A YEAR! *
    • All genders (or non-genders) and nationalities welcome

    Check us out by replying here, posting a message on my wall, sending me a friend request or even a telepathic message if that's your thing.

    Be the Knight you were born to be!



    * This not even nearly true but is in fact a cynical advertising ploy to grab your attention. Sorry.

  • WayneNCalif United States
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    Tue, Mar 31 2020 3:04 PM
    Please send me an invite .. TM LEVEL 100 Does the club use a chat app?
  • Wutpa Canada
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    Thu, Apr 2 2020 3:30 PM

    Please send me an invite .. TM LEVEL 100 Does the club use a chat app?

    I know you've already joined another club since you posted this (two or even three so far, in fact) but to answer your question and for anyone else who might be interested we do have our own Discord server and some of us use it to chat during play and to message each other. But not everyone is interested in it so it's just an option, not a requirement.

    Good luck in your new(est) club.


  • Wutpa Canada
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    Mon, Apr 6 2020 8:34 AM

    if you find yourself with more time on your hands these days and you're looking for a small, friendly club with lots of club tournaments for you to get your teeth into then look no further than the Las Vegas Knights.Our tournaments usually have an 80-90% participation rate so we're all involved and engaged.

    If you're TM or above (sorry, check out the first post of this thread for why that is) and play regularly (even when there isn't a lockdown!) then come and say hi.

    And please stay safe and well, wherever you are.


    Las Vegas Knights CC.

  • Wutpa Canada
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    Thu, Apr 9 2020 4:02 PM

    The real world golf schedule may be dormant but at the Las Vegas Knights C.C. ours continues apace.

    Staring Saturday is the Irish Open, one of the club's Majors and contested over six rounds at Chambers Bay. We have a very robust handicap system in place so good play is rewarded and everyone stands a chance.

    Come and be a part of the fun and the challenge!


  • Wutpa Canada
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    Tue, Apr 14 2020 8:39 AM

    The Las Vegas Knights is looking to welcome new members in to its ranks. We have a handful of spots available and we offer:


    • An involving, challenging but fun club tournament season.
    • ShotPal and PutterPal (if that's your thing)
    • Good involvement. Every member of our club is active and takes part in the competitions.
    • Supportive, good-natured camaraderie.
    • Interaction! Participation! Patisserie! (One of these three is not true...)


    if you'd like to know more then just leave a message below, or here, or here. Tour Masters or above.

    Stay safe everyone.



  • Wutpa Canada
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    Wed, Apr 22 2020 7:34 AM

    There are a lot of clubs seeking to gain your valuable membership right now, so why join the Las Vegas Knights? Here's what we offer:

    • ShotPal and PutterPal
    • An enjoyable and involving tournament season - there's always something to play
    • An opportunity to join a small (19 members), friendly, supportive and fun group of fellow members
    • An active club! We have achieved 100% participation in some of our recent club tournaments and generally average 85% or higher. All tournaments are free to enter.
    • Some larger clubs have a constantly fluctuating membership and you may end up never knowing half of them - not so in the Las Vegas Knights! We are a stable group of members, some of which have been in the club since it started nearly 10 years ago.
    • A great handicap system so that your good play is rewarded with victories on an even playing field.
    • Access to Discord.

    What we don't offer:

    • Pressure to use your passes and/or play in Clashes. You can if you wish, but as a grown adult you can make your own mind up about that.
    • Drama, arguments, insults, belittling, sexism, racism, other isms.....
    • Rule after draconian rule.
    • Cake. (Sorry.)

    So if you find your current club boring with nothing to do, or you don't know who your fellow members are, then come find us by clicking the link above or leave a message below, or here, or here.

    Tour Master or above at this time, and although we don't mind if you play on PC/Mac or mobile, the majority of our current membership play exclusively on PC, just so you know.


    Nigel (Wutpa)