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Nobody playing high wind Legend RG's

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Fri, Sep 20 2019 8:28 AM by Gepetto1958. 2 replies.
  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, Sep 18 2019 11:25 PM

    I don't know if it was the intention of WGT to place an inordinate number of High Wind Ready Go's in to the schedule but at Legend tier the plan is clearly backfiring on them.


    Chambers bay has been rolling on, I think in to the 4th day now and it's only 40/50!!!


    Bethpage has been rolling 2 and a half days and its at 30/50.


    I don't know how many days Erin Hills has been rolling on because I won't play it in high winds - 3 out of 4 are in high winds and one in moderate wind.


    This is clearly ridiculous given the number of people who are 'supposed' to play the game and I can't see it getting any better for myself at a more sparsely populated Tour Legend Tier.


    Are they going to wake up and realise this or just stubbornly stick to the plan, y'know how it is - chief sitting-bull wants a new Ferrari and decides to put the prices up, everyone takes a hike and the internet company never truly recovers - seen it personally, seen it in other games (soccermanager comes to mind). 

    I couldn't care regardless - I already got my stash for the putter and I only ever play expensive balls in those RG's anyway.


    People won't play - they abstain, like the next Chambers RG for me, I won't play it you see because I like these events to favour my ability to stick the ball in to the hole rather than my luck to pick top middle or bottom. At least Bethpage plays more-or-less true to the information, Chambers blusters too much for any further interest from me - thanks but....


    No thanks.


    Just a thought.

  • el3n1 United States
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    Thu, Sep 19 2019 2:26 PM

    I don't know if it was the intention of WGT to place an inordinate number of High Wind Ready Go's in to the schedule

    Am certain it is and believe it has been that way for a long time.  

    After my promotion, I noted a concern with TL ready go's in an old thread... I believe it took close to 2 months to fill up one ready go for Tour Legends.  

    Not sure a few days is anything to be concerned about. 

    If I recall correctly, nearly all legend tier RG's were heavy winds.  It was rare to see anything else.  And, to be honest, I liked that because heavy wind tournaments are what you need to be able to play well in to compete at a higher level.  

    I don't think it really hurt participation all that much.  You can easily play 30 plus Legend tier RG a month... not bad compared to 1 tier RG per month for TL, if that.

    You have it good right now... just work on heavy winds while you can!

  • Gepetto1958 Canada
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    Fri, Sep 20 2019 8:28 AM

    Just a thought.


    When I filed my thesis, I wrote that in the end ;-)