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New matching in coin rooms

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Mon, Sep 16 2019 11:15 AM by mightyj3. 0 replies.
  • mightyj3
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    Mon, Sep 16 2019 11:15 AM

    Hey guys 

    For the last 2 weeks now, the matching process in coin rooms has all been changed.

    Before you were able to match the same player over and over, but now it seems the latest update has eliminated this now meaning that when you play in any coin rooms all players are now spinning, waiting an age to get a game. 

    All the top clubs have noticed this and it's really killed the game time which has now reduced the amount of players playing these rooms ie bellagio is now a joke  and other rooms are going the same way.

    Please get this fixed as we have had players leave our club because of this ridiculous update