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Using Better Balls (Help Required)

Tue, Nov 19 2019 12:05 PM by MGB01. 10 replies.
  • SeveFrost United Kingdom
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    Sun, Sep 15 2019 3:24 AM

    Almost the whole time I've played, it's always been with the free or ten credit distance balls. The reason being I found a method I could rely on and stuck to it, but I still get the monthly free ball from WGT but still none the wiser how to use them


    Is there a tried and tested method/formula in regards to distance/spin control with balls that have boosted attributes?

  • el3n1 United States
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    Sun, Sep 15 2019 1:31 PM

    You can get a "feel" for how different balls play with additional distance and spin attributes but I don't know of a formula for how to incorporate that into your shot.  

    I ended up just trying to do a basic "mapping"  of the free ball which is same specs as the L13 Srixon which I will use to play on the mobile platform.  All the sponsor apparel jacked up equipment enhancements allow you to play a lower end ball competitively. 

    Here are a few basic numbers I use/try with the L13 Srixon/free monthly ball.  They may not be perfect but seem to get by when I use it.  I don't often use it for more competitive rounds but for general play or clashes or coin games, it plays well enough.  Note they are essentially all FBS shots and based on default club yardages, not boosted sponsor yardages.  

    L13 Srixon
    off tee FBS
    PW-120y 117c1b
    9i -135y 135c1r
    8i -150y 153c1r
    7i -165y 164c1r
    6i -180y 182c
    5i -195y 195c
    4i -210y 210/11
    3i -225y 224c/2r
    3wd -250 256c2r
    Driver  291c
    off FWY FBS   Flat
    100y MD 95c    100c
    PW -120y 116c
    9i -135y 130c1r
    8i -150y 146c1r
    7i -165y 155c3r
    6i -180y 173c2r
    5i -195y 184c7r
    4i -210y 197c(8r?)
    3i -225y 218c
    3wd -250 241c10r

  • SeveFrost United Kingdom
    812 Posts
    Sun, Sep 15 2019 11:25 PM

    el3n1, thanks for your help/advice

  • Jimac55 United Kingdom
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    Sun, Nov 17 2019 9:39 AM

    I've also been looking for a formula to predict how a ball will play without going to the expense of having to map every ball I try.

    I wasn't able to find one so have tried to work one out and have come up with this:

    Take the distance rating minus half the spin rating to get a final rating:

    For example lvl 81 ball is 5 and 4, take 2 from 5 to get an overall rating of 3.

    The 87 ball is 5.6 and 5.2, again take 2.6 from 5.6 to get the same overall rating of 3.

    I find these two balls play almost exactly the same with full backspin applied on all irons except my pitching wedge. The 87 plays a couple of yards shorter on the pitching wedge.

    I'm reasoning that the extra distance of the 87 ball when playing a fullbackspin PW goes into height but spin remains high so it lands shorter.

    I've tried the formula out on a couple of other balls. Srixon lvl 13 ball, distance 2.5 and spin 2..that comes out at 1.5, and the free ball which obviously has overall value of 0.

    All fullbackspin shots.

    Free ball..rating 0       PW 117,            - 3i rated 225yds goes about 214

    Lvl 13 ball..rating 1.5  PW 116,             -3i                       218

    Lvl 81 ball..rating 3     PW 113,              -3i                222/223

    Lvl 87 ball...rating 3     PW 110/111,       3i           222/223

    I can't get the lvl 93 ball yet but it's also comes out at 3 using this formula. If I'm right the PW should go 112 and the 3i 222/223.

    I'd be interested if someone who uses that ball could tell me if I'm right or just talking rubbish lol.

  • el3n1 United States
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    Sun, Nov 17 2019 12:09 PM

    All fullbackspin shots.

    if your trying to work these out make sure you calculate adjustment for tee shot versus a fairway shot.  yardages will vary and you would want to know both.

  • MGB01 Spain
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    Mon, Nov 18 2019 11:49 AM

    level 85 tm off tee full spin is fairway is 110....both dings

  • MGB01 Spain
    1,248 Posts
    Mon, Nov 18 2019 11:57 AM

    the higher spin balls will lose distance so the 93 ball should be about what you were thinking....around 112 full spin

  • MGB01 Spain
    1,248 Posts
    Mon, Nov 18 2019 12:06 PM
    just bought some lvl 93 tms....curious mind...tee shot and fairway shot both come out at 110 fullspin on the ding.....tested twice same results 110 for both
  • MGB01 Spain
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    Mon, Nov 18 2019 1:33 PM

    3 iron fbs tee shot = 216 yds.............fairway =211

  • Jimac55 United Kingdom
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    Tue, Nov 19 2019 9:50 AM


    3 iron fbs tee shot = 216 yds.............fairway =211

    That's very strange those distances are what I get from the 92 ball which is 5 distance and 5 spin.

    The 93 ball is 5.5 distance and 5 spin, I can't see how that doesn't go further everything else being equal.

    You sure you tested the 93 not the 92 lol...this could mean I'm wrong..gasp.

    BTW I'm using RSi2 irons, 3 iron rated at 225 spin 4.5